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Why Nature Safari India?

“Experience is the best teacher”. This is our biggest strength today. With over 25 years experience of doing safaris in India in various national parks, we know what to suggest to our guests depending on which month they are travelling in. If you are keen to see some wild Asian Elephants and you tell us that you are coming to us in February, then we know which national park we must send you to maximize the opportunities to see the same.

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  • The Best of Indian Wildlife

    The diversity of Indian Wildlife is not secondary to its African counterpart, perhaps superior in many ways.  Habitat in each park provides a thrill, which is unique to every other park.  The sudden emergence of a Tiger, a mock charge by an Elephant, the scared prey in presence of a predator, and to top it all the Elephant Safari in the dense forest will be an experience which will imbed in your sub-conscious forever.

  • Wildlife Photographic Safari

    Our guides and drivers are very experienced in handling photographers.  To know and anticipate the next move of the animal is what comes from experience, and accordingly to position the vehicle is the innate quality of our naturalists and drivers.  In this journey you will make plenty of photographs that you will be proud of to showcase to your friends and family when you get back home and cherish them forever.

  • Tiger Trips

    India is home to the most diverse fauna and flora you can encounter in Asia with the Royal Bengal Tiger being the crown piece of our wildlife on offer. Tiger Reserves  in India are just like the country itself; you never know what the next park might throw at you.

    We organize a very meaningful Tiger Safari without disturbing the environment.

  • Luxury Wildlife Expedition

    Welcome to Luxury Wildlife Expeditions. In India you can blend nature with luxury.

     The best value for money option we offer. On this Safari your accommodation will be in a Luxury Safari tent/ lodges to give you that real Indian feeling – you are still provided with modern luxuries such as a fridge, linen and towels and you still have your personal patio.

Ranthambore National Park

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Dudhwa National Park

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Jim Corbett National Park

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Katarnia Ghat

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The Dudhwa Drama

From the Blog

It was a moment I had never witnessed over the last 25 years of safaris in Indian national parks, and one that I probably won’t, hereafter. During my the latter part of my visit to the Sonaripur range of Dudhwa National Park, my focus was on clicking elephants, who seemed to have eluded me for some reason. As my last safari neared its end, I thought I saw elephants, but did not say a word fearing that the guide and driver would be highly amused by my already hallucinatory elephant imaginations. But as we drew closer, my guide Naseem whispered, “elephants”; and indeed at a distance, right on the track, there were two elephants facing us!

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Guest commendations help us to understand the travellers’ take on our services and with the constant fine tuning, based on the commendations, there’s little room for error - that means no worry lines for your forehead!

Dear Sharad and Manjeet,
I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed my recent trip to India. I've attached some pictures of some of the things I was able to see. From the time I landed at Delhi airport until I left every connection went perfectly. I was very pleased with the accommodations, both in the Delhi and Agra and the lodges near the National Parks. The game drives were excellent and the guides and drivers very knowledgeable.


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