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US Offers Technology to Track and Protect Indian Tigers

WASHINGTON: US has offered to help India in the country's efforts to track and protect Bengal tigers, as the two countries seek to strengthen collaboration in wildlife conservation and combating wildlife trafficking. The two sides have finalised the text of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in this direction. Details of the finalised agreement were also reflected in the joint statement issued after the India US Strategic and Commercial Dialogue yesterday. The US has offered support to India's Project Tiger designed to protect the population of Bengal tigers in their natural habitats.

India likely to announce national climate action plan on wednesday

India is likely to announce its national climate action plan as early as Wednesday, after the Cabinet puts its seal of approval at its weekly meeting. India's intended nationally determined contribution, as the action plans are referred to in climate negotiations, will provide an emission intensity reduction target, an augmentation of India's ambitious renewable capacity addition targets, efforts to foster sustainable lifestyles, and measures to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Wildlife DNA forensics group established to combat Illegal wildlife trade in SE Asia

A new group of wildlife DNA forensics scientists from Southeast Asia has gathered for the first time to discuss boosting the use of DNA as an enforcement technique in the fight against wildlife crime. Established in June against a backdrop of rising global interest in the role of forensic science in assisting law enforcement and prosecution, the technical group comprises DNA scientists from Malaysia, Thailand, Viet Nam and Indonesia, all experts in wildlife enforcement testing.

Dundhwa Seha, Panna Tiger Reserve

On 22nd September 2015, The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh (and Chairman of the State’s Wildlife Board) cleared the Ken-Betwa River Linking project despite strong protests from some members of the Board. Now the proposal needs approval by the National Board for Wildlife (NBWL). Here’s a snapshot of what the project will entail: A 224 km long canal will siphon off 660 million cubic meters of water from the Ken to the Betwa; a 77 meter high dam will be built on the Ken, which will submerge 4000 hectares of Panna’s forests, obliterating some of its best habitat (10.7% of core area).

Homesick 'bears' of Kashmir escape from National Park to their original habitat

"Movement of bears in Dachigam landscape is largely governed by the availability of food. We have seen bear congregation at few sites in Dachigam National Park when surplus food resources were available. But in adverse conditions of food scarcity, they prefer to move those areas where they have found food in the previous years. Bears tend to have a sharp memory and thus have homing instinct," Dr. Mukesh Thakur, one of researchers, told Mail Today.

India has 7,910 leopards, claims first ever leopard survey

The first-ever national leopard census has put the spotted cat population at 7,910 in and around tiger habitats across India, except the northeastern parts. The leopard count was done along with the tiger census in 2014 with the same methodology adopted for tigers. This involved getting pictures of animals through camera-traps and gathering other evidences of their presence, and then extrapolating the numbers to cover the entire forest landscape.

A report of tiger sightings in Kanha Tiger Reserve, Season: 2014-2015

It has been a fantastic season for me and all the tourists who have visited Kanha. After around 350 drives in this season, I would say this was a season full of cats ! All four zones have been full of excitement and action, Mukki zone being in the limelight throughout the season. From what I have experienced in the past 8 years, this one has been the best season by far in terms of tiger sightings in Mukki.

Drive to Chitvan

It was that time of the year when my soul desired for some peace, some solitude. I packed my camera equipment and set out to Kanha National Park. My overnight train reached Jabalpur in the morning, I couldn't wait to get off the train and set out on road to Kanha. Had breakfast en route, about 50kms short of Kanha and entered the Jungles which Kipling immortalized.

Tiger Safari in Kanha

The chilly winters of Kanha demotivates most of the robust hearts to not to leave the comforts of a quilt at Chitvan and move out for the morning safari. The priceless sensation of holding the hot cup of tea was bringing back the lack of consciousness in one's hands. Sun god had still not blessed us by his presence when we boarded the Jeep at the Lodge.

A dawn in Kanha

Today was an unusual morning. It was 1st January 2010. I entered the Mukki gate. Few moments inside the park, and my mind had a bizarre reflection. We celebrate New Year, make new resolutions to improve ourselves, I wondered, don't these inhabitants of the forest do the same, that too, daily?

Living with Rhinos - A recent experience at Kaziranga National Park

On National Highway No 37, at 5pm. My driver stopped the car and said "Sir, Rhino", I was in slumber after a long drive from Guhawati, but his 2 words were enough to shake me out and I was up in a flash, my hand automatically reached to my camera bag (which, I always keep next to me). And I asked, "Where". By now he had got the car off the highway and pointed at 10. o clock position from his seat.

Tiger Safari in Bandhavgarh

It was 6am on 2nd April 2005, Ientered the gate of Bandhavgarh National Park, sitting with my driver cum naturalist Sanjay in a 4X4 wheel drive open Suzuki vehicle. Along with me were Ms Lanis Petrik, from Brookfield Zoo, Chicago Zoological Society, and her photographer husband, Thomas Petrik.

A tribute to the Heartthrob of Bandhavgarh

Challenger - "A tribute to the Heartthrob of Bandhavgarh"

It was 5pm in the evening, Jagat the resident naturalist of Tiger Den Bandhavgarh was with some clients in the park near Mahammen Pond, and they were looking for Challenger, a young robust male Tiger, about 5 years old, as this was his area. Time was right, place was right, and they were moving gradually, their ears were fervently waiting to hear some alarm calls, and their eyes were dying to get a glimpse of some stripes in the tall grass. It was any moment that they expected some movement of the majestic Tiger of the area.

New Wildlife Destinations in India


Sariska-Alwar road takes to this enchanting site where pilgrims bathe in hot SULPHUR SPRINGS. Langurs (apes) stroll about and the bell of the scattered temples tinkle all day long. lt was the place of penance of Mandav Rishi. Incidentally this point is around 20kms off Sariska Tiger Reserve. As is known that Tigers and leopards do not normally share territories, hence Leopards around Sariska have found a haven in Talvraksh.

Leopard Photographic Safari

The Leopard is probably the most successful of the predators. Their ability to adapt to different environments have resulted in categorizing them into different races. There are six such races found in the Indian subcontinent, which includes Common Leopard, Snow Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Leopard Cat, Marbled Cat and Golden Cat. Leopard populations are in danger around the globe. The degradation and outright destruction of leopard habitat due to human endeavours has caused populations to fragment and stagnate, not to mention drastically decline.

Safaris help to keep Lifestyle diseases at bay

All the lifestyle issues have a common denominator, namely, deficiency of natural life, most of the people today live an artificial life...let's see what we eat, how many things we eat are natural, and how many processed? How much time do we spend outdoors, do we really take enough of sun? Do we not know that sun gives us Vitamin D and if this Vitamin is low in us, we are sitting ducks for all lifestyle matters including the dreaded cancer.

Early Morning with a Tigress

The phone rang at 0345hrs, "Sir, Good Morning, this is your wake up call". Thank you, I kept the phone down, turned to the other side and closed my eyes, a guilt took over, and the thought that this is Maya (illusion), keeping me in bed, keeping me away from something good to happen today soon took over, and putting my mind over mattress, I jumped out of the bed. In about 30 minutes I was sitting in the Jeep to take me to Mukki gate at 0415hrs.

Bird Photographic Safari

"There is nothing in which the birds differ more from man than the way in which they can build and yet leave a landscape as it was before."
- - Robert Lynd

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.
~Chinese Proverb "

Usage of mobile phones is prohibited in the national parks.


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