Hi my dear friend Sharad


I am back at home, sound and safe :)

I can' t belive that today, my dreamed trip to India, became a wonderful and amazing reality... Four months ago, together begun to build a dream to make it possible, make it a reality. Thank you very much to make it, your advise and passion shown me the path to reach India, astonishing India, diverse India, beloved India... and, of course, India and her wonderful wildlife...

This tour was born because of my dream to be close to the sublime tiger, as I have told you before, the tiger, a God in the forest. You teached me the tiger is the vehicle of Durga. Wildlife was the "call" to bring me to India, the first door opened to show me, then, more and more doors to be opened to discover culture, spirituality, history, traditions and diversity...

About safaris and National Parks, as I told you in our dinner, I can say:

Bandhavgarh: give me the gift to meet tigers, to be close of them, to enjoy their presence and delight being a witness in their kingdom.

Kaziranga: this is the area of India I loved the most, the village and people. Of course, I was surprised for a big number of rhinos.

Dudhwa: A mistic place, as a heaven, as enchanted forest. The mist in the forest, animals crossing the road, sometimes we were not sure if it was an animal or an elf. Magical place. Just the forest worth the trip.

And of course, in every national park wildlife, nature, landscape are a wonderful gift offered to our eyes and sprit.

Thank you very much for the itinerary, every single place I have visited touched me. I learned very much in this tour. it is difficult to explain my feelings in a few words. In fact, my feelings and emotions still looking for the order to describe this wonderful experience.

I visited India not to look for but to find. Of course, my main goal was search for a tiger but I found many other treasures manifested in different ways and forms

Thank you, to you and your team, Manjeet, my guide Amit, and all people that make possible my tour. Thank you for your responsability and kindness. Thanks for your care on every single detail.

Finally, just one more word to thank you for the gifts you gave me in dinner:

- The book: represent the spirituality, a path to make growth the spirit. This is India.

- Pictures: Our beloved tiger, images of a living treasure. Pictures taken and signed by yourself, so a piece of you and your love for wildlife, a love we share for our beloved nature.

- Tea: culture and tradition of India.

Again, thank you very much

Keep in touch my dear friend, say hello and thank you to everybody there, since Majeet and Amit, until, drivers, guides, hostess in hotels, etc. etc. etc.

I hope visit you again

Warm regards


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We´ve been back home in Austria for nearly 3 weeks now. About time we praise you for all the effort and comittment you and your staff put into our holiday.

Andreas Schmidt

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