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In the spring of 2014 My girlfriend and i were talking together with some friends with a mutual interest of nature. We agreed to go to India to see tigers. We looked in the internet and there was alot of options. Very fast we found a few companies that looked interesting. We made contact to the different companies, and after the replies we got, it was clear that one company was a very serious one, being

We mailed a bit with Manjeet and alot with Sharad, and a tour started to form. The plan was to go to Bandhavgahr and Kanha in spring 2015.

We were a bit sceptic, when we landed in Delhi Airport, if everything would go as planned. As soon as we got out of the airport area, we were welcomed by Manjeet, and he took good care of us in Delhi, and got us to the Domestic airport and further on. When landing in the next airport, the driver was waiting and the tour went super smooth. We had the pleasure of staying in The Tiger Den in Bandhavgahr, and had a great time. Perfect naturalist and alot of great sightings of different wildlife including a good number of tigers.

The next stop was Kanha, where we stayed in Chitwan. A really nice hotel, with super friendly and professional staff. Again, we saw alot more wildlife than we ever dreamed of, and also a good number of tigers.

When we came back home, it was very clear to the whole group, that we were not done with India and safari, so this year we went back again. As the first time, everything went perfectly smooth.

We visited Pench and Tadoba. The weather was not on our side in Pench as there had been alot of rain prior to our arrival, so the tiger sightings were few and hard, but we ended up seeing 3 tigers. As the tiger sightings were hard, we used some time on other animals, and had great sightings of other wildlife. We stayed in Tuli tiger corridor, a very nice hotel, with a great staff.

The last part of the trip were in Tadoba. It was truly amazing. The first day, we had the pleasure of seeing Dhole, Tiger, Leopard and Sloth bear! This is not something you can do everywhere in the world.

Again, we had lots of sightings and saw alot of tigers. When we came back to Delhi, We were met by Manjeet. MAnjeet and Sharad came to the hotel in the afternoon. I have personally travelled alot around the world, and you have to look for a long time to find 2 persons as pleasant as these 2 guys, and even longer to find a company as proffessional as tigersafariindia.

This is defenitly not the last tour we have made with this amazing company

Simon Bomholt and Jette Pind Sørensen

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We´ve been back home in Austria for nearly 3 weeks now. About time we praise you for all the effort and comittment you and your staff put into our holiday.

Andreas Schmidt

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