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Luxury Wildlife Expedition


These tour gives you a blend of nature with luxury. With Luxury here we do not mean only the comforts, but also an experience. The location of these Luxury Camps and Lodges we choose for you is awe-inspiring and that will be matched with legendary Indian Hospitality. With unfaltering interiors which will be downright simple, and perhaps with local art interspersed, these Camps and Lodges will be remembered as long as you remember the Tiger Safaris you did in the National Parks of India. Coziness inside and wilderness outside these Jungle Lodges utmost care is taken to keep them seperate, but merging well. The calling of Common Hawk Cuckoo, the sound of wind flowing against the canvas of your tent, butterflies outside your window, falling of water in your open shower, are sounds of nature you will cherish for eternity. If you so desire we can also provide you accommodation where the comforts might be basic, but exquisite locations. We believe that concept is luxury, and simplicity is the sophistication in these Luxury Wildlife Expeditions. .

15 Days Tiger tours with Taj Safaris and Nature Safari

Destinations covered: New Delhi | Khajuraho | Panna | Bandhavgarh | Kanha | Pench Tiger Reserve | Nagpur | New Delhi

A perfect fusion of experience and expertise. Taj an institution and an expert in Indian Hospitality, while Nature Safari India is one of the most experienced Widlife Destinationa Management Company in India, bring to you an exclusive tour based on the Taj Safari Lodges (And Beyond Lodges). These Lodges are pioneers in launching a unique Indian luxurious safari in Panna, Bandhavgarh ,Kanha and Pench National Parks of India. The settings of these Lodges is romantic, and so extraordinary, that it will remain etched in your memory forever. Beautofully located, constructed, and conceptualised, these lodges stand out in a different orbit compared to the rest. Their experiened naturalists, vehicles, and dining is something to look forward to. So celerate the Indian Wildlife experience with the Taj Safaris and us at Nature Safari India.


14 Days Best of North India - Taj, Tigers and Birds Tour

Destinations covered: New Delhi | Agra | Chambal | Dhaulpur | Bharatpur National Park | Ranthambore National Park | Jaipur

Some off-beat destinations mixed with the must do makes this programme unique. Keetham lake, Sur Sarovar, Bharatpur, and Chambal will satiate your birding desires.  Birding walks, cycle rickshaw birding excursions, you bird with your scopes and binocs in a rowing boat, and also in a motorboat birding safari, we will approach birds in all possible ways. Tigers await you to be photographed in Ranthambhore, one the premium Tiger reserves of India. If you are lucky you might see the legendary Machali, a 18 year old Tigress in the wilds, or a young mother T19 with her cubs. T6, and T39 are also major attractions of Ranthambhore. Culminate the tour in Jaipur in the Palaces, Forts, the enchanting pink city, and the Jal Mahal, seeing how the Royalty lived till a few decades back. 



11 Days Best of Terai with Corbett and Dudhwa

Destinations covered: New Delhi | Jim Corbett National Park | Dudhwa | Lucknow

This programme showcases two very contrasting and legendary National parks. One is the oldest National park of India, named after Jim Corbett a hunter turned conservationist. Second, Dudhwa came into existence due to hardwork of a Prince turned conservationist, Mr Billy Arjan Singh. While Corbett is a busy park from tourism point of view, due to closer proxiity to New Delhi, Dudhwa has maintained a peaceful sanctity being away from Delhi. These two parks are home to Tigers, Asian Elephants, Rhinos, Leopards, Sloth bears, King Cobraso, Crocodiles, Gharials, Dolphins, Otters and over 500 species of birds. Amongst the most diverse national parks of India.. Uttar Pradesh is famous for its cuisine and Lucknow would not disappoint your taste buds either. Recipes have been secretly guarded till date. Welcome to the Wildlife of Terai region in India.


15 Days Land of the Tiger Itinerary

Destinations covered: Mumbai | Nagpur | Pench Tiger Reserve | Kanha National Park | Bandhavgarh National Park | Khajuraho | New Delhi

Indian subcontinent has diversity its middle name. From coral reefs to parched deserts – from endless coast line to Mighty Himalyas – From Central Plateau to sodden lowlands. The Diversity is clearly present in Tiger’s habitat too. The Mighty beast can thrive in any sort of conditions. Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Panna are forests in the heart of Indian state – Madhya Pradesh. Temperatures are extreme with varied and disturbing topography. But this adds the fun and surprise to the itinerary. Get ready for the live encounter with the jungle king and make sure you do not lose any chance to shoot him in the wild. Before you fly back you would spend some time in Khajuraho temples. Built by Rajput Kshatriyas between 9 – 11 Centrury. These 15 days would also give you an opportunity to enjoy the varied perspective on difference in culture of Delhi and Mumbai and everything in between. So do not expect your lenses to be used only for farfetched wildlife but more so for close encounter with colours, culture and complete kaleidoscope. We bet you will be addicted. 


16 Days Taj Temple and Tiger Tours

Destinations covered: New Delhi | Jaipur | Ranthambore National Park | Bharatpur National Park | Agra | Bandhavgarh National Park | Khajuraho | Varanasi | New Delhi

Very Few Itineraries would offer you such rich experience. Wildlife woven in culture, history and quest of knowledge. One thing for sure is going to happen after these 15 days – Serenity and calmness would take over you for sure. Safaris in Bandhavgarh and Kanha. Diversity of Delhi, Royalty of Jaipur and Ancient roots of Varanasi. All put in together is crash course in Indian culture, wildlife and knowledge which is older than history itself. When you fly back the hangover of this cocktail would take some time to go away and we would not be surprised if you come back for some more. You would be very happy to cherish the moments you eternalized with the help of your Camera – you would say to yourself what a shot!!!!


23 Days Best of North and Central India Wildlife

Destinations covered: New Delhi | Jim Corbett National Park | Ranthambore National Park | Agra | Katni | Bandhavgarh National Park | Kanha National Park | Pench Tiger Reserve | Tadoba | Nagpur

This itinerary gives you an opportunity to experience the celebrity parks of India. Jim Corbett is one of the most beautiful Tiger habitats that India has on offer, located on the foothills of Himalayas, a flowing river, dense woodlands inhabiting Elephants, the grasslands filled with Deers are some scenes you will cherish for long. In Ranthambhore, every tourist and the photographer yearn to see the Tiger sitting in a Chattri (a Cenotaph), and few do capture the same. Sighting the Tiger in the backdrop of the10th century Ranthambhore fort is mesmerising.  The central Indian forests of Kanha will offer a rich bio-diversity, and some quality sightings. Bandhavgarh formerly a hunting ground of Maharaja Rewa has reputation for very good Tiger sightings. In Pench hopefully you will encounter the legendary Collarwali, a tourist friendly Tigress with her cubs.


12 Days Just Tigers

Destinations covered: New Delhi | Jabalpur | Bandhavgarh National Park | Kanha National Park | Pench Tiger Reserve | Nagpur | New Delhi

 Today the Tiger has become passion when you know that photographers are on the prowl to click this magnificent beast. This Itinerary revolves around the Tiger and its territories which can be marked on the map. Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Pench are famous for Tiger sightings in the wild - worldwide. Excellent opportunity to know why tigers are symbolic for power, mystery and splendor. The whole experience would be very different and chances are would stay forever in your memory. The Jungle calls by Deers, Monkeys and birds which are nothing short of final lap of Grand Prix. Emotions run high on fear, apprehension, uncertainty and happiness. Range of these emotions you would only experience in a presence of a tiger - in the middle of jungle. Experience for which you would come back again and again.



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