Satpura National Park


Satpura is an incognito National Park and alonwith Panchmarhi, Bori and Madhai is a highly disparate biosphere. Loacted in central India, this park is not a usual park in the itinerary of most guests, hence it is best protected, and least disturbed. There are varied ways to explore Satpura flora and fauna. The usual Jeep safaris, the boat safaris, and interesting walking safaris. Tigers are present here but no so often sighted as the other parks in this part of the country, but you are almost assured a Leopard and a Sloth Bear sighting in Satpura. Very contrasting landscapes, from hilly to gorges, ravines and plains of Churna. Denwa river flowing through the park is a haven for migratory birds in winters. Indian Gaur, Jackals, Dholes, over 275 species of birds, Sambar Deer, and Cheetal are at home. Recently in a conservation effort some Hard Ground Barasingha (Swamp Deer) have been relocated to Satpura from Kanha. Historically Swamp Deer were a part of this landscape. 


If you are fed-up of crowded wildlife sanctuaries, struggle for getting safari tickets, standing in a queue of safari jeeps, over-crowding of safari jeeps during wildlife sighting then Satpura National Park is the right solution for real wildlife lovers. It is the place where every true wildlife lovers should must visit to appreciate the peaceful jungle, away from hustle & bustle of safari jeeps, beautiful hilly terrains, deep gorges, rivulets, untouched forest locations etc. of Satpura National Park is nurtured in the Satpura Ranges of Hoshangabad district in Madhya Pradesh. Along with adjoining Pachmarhi & Bori Sanctuaries, Satpura National Park it covers 1427, otherwise it covers an area of 524 Various ways of wildlife watching distinguishes its from other tiger reserves of India. Here one can do jeep safari, elephant safari, walking safari & boat safari. Unspoiled Highland eco-system of Satpura National Park is unique in nature and was established in 1981.


Bio-diversity of national park is stunning with over 1300 species of plants. Flora of national park includes teak, sal, tendu, mahua (Indian butter-tree), bel (stone-apple), bamboos, grasses, bushes, unchecked grown lantanas and other many medicinal plants whose details are not available now. It is said that in majority of jungle we can judge that sal is the prominent flora of National Park.

Being a part of unique eco-system, Satpura National Park is very rich in bio-diversity. Its fauna comprises Spotted Dear, Indian Bison(Gaur), Tigers, Leopards, Wild boar, Wild dog (locally called Dholes), Sloth bear, Black buck (unique attraction), Porcupine, Sambhar, four Horned antelopes (Chowsingha), Smooth otter, Pangolin, Marsh crocodile, Languars etc. Indian Giant squirrel is the special feature of Satpura National Park as it is rare in India now. Sighting of Leopards, Gaurs, Wild Dog, Sloth Bear is good in compare to other national parks of Central India. Bird-watching in Satpura National Park is great. Here very frequently we can see variety of birds during stay and safari. Tiger sighting of this national park is not so impressive as compare to nearby Bandhavgarh, Kanha or Pench national parks. So it is required when we go for jungle safari in national park, we should no go with single mindset of tiger-sighting but enjoy sighting all members of national park as they are equally share the jungle with tigers and are extremely beautiful creatures of nature.

As Satpura National Park is an upcoming wildlife destination, their are very few resorts are available for accommodation. Some of them are as follows:

  • Forsyth Lodge: It is one of the best resort among luxury Satpura National Park Resorts. Forsyth lodge lies close to Madhai entrance gate. It offers great scenic view of Denva rivers as it is very close to it.
  • Reni Pani: It is another luxury in Satpura National Park. It is about 3kms inside jungle from main road for Madhai entrance gate. Entrance gate is about 08kms from this resort.
  • Madhai Wildlife Resort: It is a budget category resort on the bank of Denva river, just close to
  • Satpura Jungle Retreat
  • MP Tourism's- Tawa Resort


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