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Sariska-Alwar road takes to this enchanting site where pilgrims bathe in hot SULPHUR SPRINGS. Langurs (apes) stroll about and the bell of the scattered temples tinkle all day long. lt was the place of penance of Mandav Rishi. Incidentally this point is around 20kms off Sariska Tiger Reserve. As is known that Tigers and leopards do not normally share territories, hence Leopards around Sariska have found a haven in Talvraksh. To view this handsome mammal be present with our expert escort at the right time at the right palce and you will be really unlucky if do not see atleast 1 Leopard during your stay at Talvraksh.


Lying in the juxtaposition between wilderness and civilisation is a quiet place called Taalvraksh. What makes it very different from other places is the frequency of the leopard visiting this place despite having large human presence.

Taalvraksh lies just 20 km from Sariska Tiger Sanctuary in the North Indian state of Rajasthan and if one is coming Alwar city towards Sariska on Alwar - Jaipur State Highway a right turn would lead to Taalvaskh. This place is a paradox of sorts.

The leopards are sighted on the road going through this place and this is despite the fact that it is quite a busy road. From Alwar this place is about 30km ( apprx). There is relatively no forest area on the entire journey and one tends to believe that the possibility of seeing wildlife is rather small but please wait, a small area of dense forest cover is there just around Taalvarksh and has healthy langur and reches monkey population and also being a village, there are a lot of dogs hanging around the place. Hence prey population wise it is a typical Leopard habitat. There is the only surrounding this part of the jungle where there is permanent water available. All the surrounding areas is hilly and there is no water around this place. During summer months when temperature cross 40 degree centigrade, the leopards sighting also increases.

Given below is typical evening experience in Taal by Sharad Khanna, a friend who is a regular at Taalvraksh

The sun was about to set behind and we were having our evening tea, alongwith scanning the three hills better known as "leopard hills" for possibility of seeing something moving. We would have been there for a considerable period of time for when we got up go to the road, the sun had already set and with every passing moment the evening gaving way to darkness. The lullness was broken by the peacocks flying away from the danger zone and the bells the a temple nearby and to add more erreness to the whole experience moon rose and started to cast its spell on its denizens. A Reseaus monkey was approaching us which we were waiting for the cats and normally the most boisterous of the lot this one was behaving rather differently and was treading carefully ... very carefully. We were standing on the road waiting and cameras ready a domestic cow had just passed and following behind was this monkey. Unmindful of our presence it simply kept on walking on the road continuously on alert as if somebody is about to pounce onto him. The suddenly the jungle vibrates with various calls in unison and this monkey immediately scrambled to the nearby tree, for relative safety from the main predator the leopard in this part of the jungle and it was the aarti time in the nearby village and the temple bells were ringing. Animals calls, Village temple bells and to top it highway truck coming in our directions and when truck was about 100 mtr away from us with its full head lights on, we saw a large cat like silhouette crossing the road and the truck coming in our direction also stopped seeing a leopard crossing the road.

An unique experience to see and equally unique cat of the wild, experience that would leave goose pimples to the week hearted


As the name suggests our intention is to show the village culture and wildlife of the region. This is a safari by four-wheeled jeep and the duration is about half a day. It begins with a tour of Siana where the guest views the carpenters engaged in making Leopardwooden handicrafts. This is followed by a visit to the potter’s wheel, a tour of the local market to see the leather embroidery and finally a visit to a Jain temple.

Next on the itinerary is a Shepard village, remotely located and untouched by western influence. The Shepards are one community that still retains its traditional way of life personified by their dress, housing style and social customs.

The evening drive around Aisrana Range provides an opportunity to see the wildlife of the region. The high point is the attempt to see the elusive leopard. The wildlife that can be viewed here are: the bluebull, the chinkara, the Indian stripped hyena, the desert fox, the civet cat and the jungle cat. If the guest goes on safari for two nights, there are good chances of seeing the leopard. No National park no sanctuary around, wildlife here co-exists with human population, just like any other remote area of this country.

Nearest Airport: Udaipur 175 km. Jodhpur 175 km. and Jaipur 425 km.
Nearest Railway Station: Sirohi Road - 63 km.
By Road -
Siana - Jaipur 425kms(NH8)
Siana - Udaipur 175kms (NH8)
Siana - Jodhpur 175 kms
Siana - Jalore 35kms
Siana - Sirohi 40 kms
Siana - Rohetgarh 135kms
Siana - Luni 150 kms
Siana - Deogarh 200 kms
Siana - Mount Abu 125 kms
Siana - Jaisalmer 330 kms
Siana - Ahmedabad 340 kms

So as is visible Siana is easily accessible from most of the tourist points in Rajasthan. So come and see this elusive, shy and real beautiful mammal called, Leopard.

Usage of mobile phones is prohibited in the national parks.


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