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India a land of 100 problems with 1 billion solutions-- Nobel laureate Mr Kailash Satyarthi, and how true. In these tours, we will first want to know your interests, and then provide you a programme fulfilling the same. If your choice is some charismatic and endangered species in India, then you have Tiger, Great Indian Bustard, Gharials, Snow Leopards, and Blue Whales to choose from. If it is the Architecture of Magadh, Rajputs, Mughal, Colonial or Ancient India, then there is plenty to see. If your inclination is towards Cuisines, Cotton, or Cricket then again you will be spoilt for choices. Academics and Education, then we have what the world came to see, Nalanda, Shantiniketan, Banaras Hindu University. A land where religion mixes like birds in the sky, should you want to study the origin of Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, India is the place, intentionally Hinduism is left out, as it is way of life here, not a religion. Hinduism is acceptance of one and all, experience this in Varanasi and Rishikesh. 

8 Days Asiatic Lion and Wild Ass

Destinations covered: New Delhi | Ahemdabad | Gir National Park | Rann of Kutch National Park

This Itinerary is carefully woven with modern Indian History and wide expanse of Wildlife. Know more about Gandhi ji and his time spent in River front house in Ahmedabad. Visit the Akshardham temple and discuss the science behind the building. Its only Gir would give you chance to meet Asiatic Lion found in India. Gir is also famous for Four-horned Antelope. Similarly in the backdrop of Rann of Katch you would spot the wild ass which is its only refuge in the world. After the rains it is the sight to watch for These coastal wetlands. The Handicraft of the area would leave you spell bound. Terracotta, Patchwork, Pen knives would be ideal memento which describes how the Artform evolves through generations.


21 Days Critically Endangered Charismatic Species Tour

Destinations covered: New Delhi | Jodhpur | Jaisalmer | Dudhwa | Leh

In this programme we will endeavor to show you couple of species which are on brink of extinction. The Great Indian Bustard which was commonly seen in the dry plains few decades back, but due to loss of habitat resulting from more agriculture, and urbanisation these birds today are less then 250 in numbers in the wild. Once tipped to be the national bird of India, but was not to be as fear of it being misspelt arose in the minds of decision makers. This Ostrich like bird stands tall at about 4 feet and is amongst the heaviest flying birds in the world. We will try and see this bird in the Dessert National Park in Rajasthan. Similarly Gharials have lost over 90% of their habitat to dams, canals, and barrages, thus reducing the riverine banks their home. Their population is reduced by almost 95%, and the latest figure is just 235 Gharials. Measuring upto 6 metres in length, it has a breeding population in only two rivers of India and one in Nepal. We show case this species to you in Katarnaighat near Dudhwa National Park.


11 Days Snow Leopard Photographic Trip

Destinations covered: New Delhi | Leh | New Delhi

This itinerary is specially designed for wild life enthusiasts who would like to go over the edge to view the magnificent beauty of a Snow Leopard. Listed as Endangered on the ICUN Red List of Threatened Species is native to the Central and Southern Mountain Ranges in Asia.An active hunter, an opportunistic feeder can prey 4 times of own weight




12 Days Asian Elephant and One Horned Rhino Tour

Destinations covered: New Delhi | Guwahati | Kaziranga National Park | Jim Corbett National Park

This itinerary provides chance to see Asia’s Big 5 in your Life. You can safely tick mark at one point in 100 things to do before I die list. This is going to be complete fairytale for 12 days. Chirping Birds, Sunrises and sunsets, Characters with beautiful hearts, Elephant rides, great food and off course Customary goodnights to finish off your day.  Your trip would finish in Corbett National Park. Spend some time to know more about the man behind this park and his writing. It is interesting to discover his journey from Hunter to Conservationist. You would most certainly enjoy the company of Mighty Five for 12 days. 


25 Days India a Photographer's Paradise

Destinations covered: New Delhi | Jaipur | Ranthambore National Park | Bharatpur National Park | Agra | Khajuraho | Bandhavgarh National Park | Kanha National Park | Nagpur | Kolkata | Guwahati | Kaziranga National Park | Mumbai | Rajkot | SasanGir | Rann of Kutch National Park | Ahemdabad | New Delhi

India opens the pethora of colours, culture, visuals, beauty, wildlife and gateway to very different realm for the photographers. You would not like to miss out on any opportunity to capture the immeasurable beauty this itinerary has to offer. You would be meandering between cultural bazaars of  Old Delhi, Kolkata and Rajasthan in general. Marvel at all shades of greens in the forests of Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Ranthambhore, Kaziranga and more. Experience the variety of backdrops in your photographs as every forest is unique with its flora and fauna. Make sure you carry the long lasting photographic gear and loads of memory cards to ensure you don’t miss out on the photograph of your lifetime. 


20 Days East Himalaya from Mangroves to the Mountains

Destinations covered: Kolkata | Sundarbans National Park | Kolkata | Guwahati | Manas Wildlife Sanctuary | Nameri National Park | Kaziranga National Park | Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary | Dibru-Saikhowa | Mishmi Hills | Dibrugarh | Kolkata | New Delhi | Mumbai

You would start the trip from Culturally Rich Kolkata to Mighty Delta basin of Sunderbans. Watch Bagurumba in Manas and meet Mighty 5 of Kaziranga. Perhaps no mode of transport from Ancient Bullock Cart to modern Airplane all would be used in this Itinerary. Finally you would finish the itinerary in the most awesome and scenic hills of Mishmi. Very well balanced itinerary in terms of Animal and Bird sightings. Just apt amount of Nature makes the experience rather wholesome. What’s more you can customize the itinerary as desired and send in your special requests. Abundance of Locals interaction would be perfect icing on the cake.  


19 Days Tiger, Tribes and Wilderness

Destinations covered: Jabalpur | Bandhavgarh National Park | Amarkantak | Achanakmar Wild Life Sanctuary | Kanha National Park | Kawardha | Jagdalpur | Jeypore | Ankadeli

Tiger, Tribes and Wilderness tour was specially designed for likeminded travelers who are cultural enthusiast and want to have close experience of the ethos and biodiversity of the region. The tour will guide you towards the extension range of Satpura range of northwest region in MP and Chhatisgarh around high lands of Maikal Hills and Vindhyanchal hills.

This Itinerary is a celebration of the rich cultural history of primitive tribes, sal forests rich flora and fauna with a comfortable stay closer to the tribal territory. Whether it is the Dhurvas,  Bison Horn Marias of Bastar region or Baigas of the Maikal Hillas, you will get a chance to closely explore the culture and lifestyle of different tribes. It’s a great opportunity to photograph the area on bicycle, machan (watch tower), on foot or even a bullock cart.


27 Days Birding and Wildlife of North East India

Destinations covered: New Delhi | Dibrugarh | Guijan | Namdapha National Park | Jorhat | Kaziranga National Park | Pakke | Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary | Tawang Bomdilla | Nameri National Park | Manas Wildlife Sanctuary | Guwahati | New Delhi

It is Monday Morning and you are getting ready for the meeting. Outside your room Elephant is all set to take you across the river. Across the river Mighty 5 from India are waiting to meet you - Tiger, One Horned Rhinoceros, Asiatic Elephant, Asiatic Wild Water Buffalo and Swamp Deer. Every day we promise there is going to be New Adventure for the next 27 days and night. You would cross rivers including mighty Brahamputra countless times. The Species of birds which would add to your database would be phenomenal. Waking up to Calls of wild or early morning Bird songs would be usual. You would be briefed everyday which Animal footprints were found outside your room last night. Undisturbed, Unperturbed, Unruffled and Undisturbed doses of nature in abundance for 27 days. Eaglenest would showcase you its birds for which it is famous all over the world. Every evening you would look forward to hearty meal prepared by local cooking techniques and village’s organic farms.  


16 Days Best of North East Wildlife

Destinations covered: New Delhi | Bagdogra | Darjeeling | Pemayangtse | Gangtok | Kalimpong | Jaldapara | Bagdogra | Guwahati | Kaziranga National Park | Manas Wildlife Sanctuary | Guwahati | New Delhi

How many times you have found yourself lost in the daily rut. Deep desire to know the answers of your roots. A panacea which can put you at peace with yourself and makes your surroundings. This itinerary would be therapeutic because it contains Mountains, Balanced path of Buddhism, Visits to Monasteries. Driving through Jungles which are more organized naturally without human intervention. Sighting the residents of forests and knowing unique facts about them would thrill you. We are certain the takeaways from this trip would sow the seeds of wisdom which need to be water at regular intervals. We look forward to welcome you back again.


17 Days Himalayan Foothills With Delta's Tiger

Destinations covered: Kolkata | Sundarbans National Park | Goomtee | Darjeeling | Pelling | Gangtok | Kalimpong | Kurseong | New Delhi

A land of infinite charm with breath taking views of Kanchanjunga, bewildering variety of flora and fauna, colourful festivals, bush green tea gardens, inching adventure spots, laundry trekking rocks, perfect solitude. All this makes the East Himalayas our highlight in this tour.  We see Darjeeling, beautifully nestled in the foothills of the snow covered Himalayas at an altitude that ranges from 600 to 2000 meters. Tea estates in Darjeeling, they are spread over 20000 hectares of area.  Sheltered by the Kanchenjunga peak, these estates produce tea that is unequalled anywhere in the world. Visit Kurseong at an altitude of 1800m which was an important trading center in the days when the silk routes between Tibet, Bhutan and Sikkim were alive and running.   We visit the inimitable, irresistible and incredible Calcutta, where the monumental British Raj was launched and some of the best known monuments of the British Raj were built here.  Visit the rain forests of Sundrebans, a network of estuaries, tidal rivers and creeks intersected by numerous channels. 


16 Days Taj Temple and Tiger Tours

Destinations covered: New Delhi | Jaipur | Ranthambore National Park | Bharatpur National Park | Agra | Bandhavgarh National Park | Khajuraho | Varanasi | New Delhi

Very Few Itineraries would offer you such rich experience. Wildlife woven in culture, history and quest of knowledge. One thing for sure is going to happen after these 15 days – Serenity and calmness would take over you for sure. Safaris in Bandhavgarh and Kanha. Diversity of Delhi, Royalty of Jaipur and Ancient roots of Varanasi. All put in together is crash course in Indian culture, wildlife and knowledge which is older than history itself. When you fly back the hangover of this cocktail would take some time to go away and we would not be surprised if you come back for some more. You would be very happy to cherish the moments you eternalized with the help of your Camera – you would say to yourself what a shot!!!!


9 Days Bewitching Chhattisgarh

Destinations covered: Raipur | Kawardha | Bhoramdeo | Amarkantak | Sirpur | Barnawapara | Jagdalpur

Ever wondered what would happen if a Monk is given the Tiger Traits. He would be effortlessly in tune with the rhythms and motions of his surroundings. He would have his secret lair where he would love spending time in solitude. This Itinerary undoubtedly is a mix of Spiritualism, Sufism and Tigers. The Challenge it poses would be to imbibe what you learn on this trip in your real life. Sufi Poet has spent lot of time in Kawardah also known as Kabirdham. Amazing Temples of Amarkantak and slow life of Jagdal Pur. Add the tiger touch of Achanakmar and the Godly space of Lakshmana Temple. Listen to Chitrakut waterfall and see the mist rising from the bottom. Connect to your inner visions which compel you to reach your full Potential in all areas of your life. 



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