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Baghvan Taj Safari Lodge, Pench National Park

Pench Nagpur

Baghvan is the product of two words. While Bagh means Tiger, Van is Hindi of Forest, hence Baghvan is the Forest of the Tiger– forest). This alluring Jungle Lodge is located just on the boundary of Pench National Park, a dry deciduous forest of predominantly teak trees and meandering jungle streams. Pioneer is introducing Pench on the world map as far as tourism is considered. This Lodge merges perfectly well in the wooded landscape of Pench. Staying here gives you a feel of being in the Forest itself. You are woken up by the chirping of birds on your window, and if you happen to open the door early morning, or sit by the bay-window you might be able to catch the graxing deers in the Lodge, or hear an alarm call as well once in a while. Located just 5 minutes drive from the Turia gate, Baghvan is a good mix of wild and human touch. While location and construction of Baghvan is unique, it is the service and experience here that will remain etched in your memory forever

Baghvan is aptly named after one of India's iconic symbols, the Bengal tiger (bagh – tiger and van – forest). Pronounced 'baaghvun', this enchanting lodge is located on the edge of Pench National Park, a dry deciduous forest of predominantly teak trees and meandering jungle streams. A mere ten-minute drive to the park's entrance takes our guests deep into the heart of the Indian jungle.

Baghvan has 12 charming stand alone suites alongside a picturesque nullah (dry riverbed), surrounded by the shaded canopies of beautiful forest trees. Each spacious suite has a distinctive contemporary bungalow feel and an ambience resembling the 1950s. Cool pale cream cement screed floors against the contrasting hues of copper and pale turquoise has a much desired tranquil effect. Follow the stairs to the alluringly beautiful machan (a covered jungle rooftop platform) complete with mosquito net, overhead fan and hookah pipes and discover an ideal place to enjoy the romance of the jungle either by day or by night with an unforgettable sleepout. Delicate Parsi tiles, woven hyacinth furniture, high ceilings, deep welcoming sofas and giant ebony chests grace the elegant guest areas.

Breakfasts and lunches are served on a sweeping shaded deck surrounding the beautiful swimming pool and overlooking the nullah, a favoured route of the Pench tigers. Sunset is celebrated with cocktails under a huge Banyan tree whilst watching a giant flying squirrel perform breathtaking aerobatics.


Sleeping on an outdoor machan - Is an experience one cannot forgo at Baghvan.  Have a siesta at level with the tree tops and watch the birds and monkeys swing by.  Or simply curl up with a book with the gentle forest sounds surrounding you.

Visit to Alikatta elephant camp - Make a stop at the village called Alikatta - which finds mention in the jungle book, and is now a camp for Park elephants and their mahouts.  You can catch these gentle giants in the evenings or mornings, as they queue up for their special 'roti'.  Each roti weighing a kg!

Visit to a potters village - Spend an afternoon at the potters village called Pacchhdhaar - a half hour drive from the lodge.  This tiny village comprises of families that are all involved in pottery.  Watch a potter at his wheel, get your hands dirty and try making a pot yourself.  If not, watch the pots being baked and finally come away with little earthen souvenirs.

Romantic turn down and dinner - Enjoy a romantic evening with your loved one on the deck of your cottage, overlooking the seasonal tributary.  A table for two with flower petals, candle light, your private butler and sometimes the odd Giant flying squirrel in attendance.

Pick out your own vegetables from our organic garden - The kitchen garden has an array of fresh green vegetables and herbs.  Pick the ones you like and have the chef add them to your meal.


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