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Sharad Vats

death of a tiger

Death Of A Tiger

When my journey in the wilderness commenced in 1989, I had no clue what lay ahead of me. Initially, the idea was to see the Tiger in the wild. Gradually I wanted to see various aspects of the Tiger behaviour, like patrolling, spraying, claw marking,… Read More »Death Of A Tiger

tiger safari - full belly tiger

Tiger Safaris In Kanha

Tiger Safari in Kanha; this is a report by Kabir Shah, the young wildlife connoisseur. His numerous visits to Kanha over the years have been extraordinary for reasons beyond sensible comprehensions. How could someone have so much of Tiger luck as far as Tiger Safaris… Read More »Tiger Safaris In Kanha

Nature Safari India - Curious tiger

Tigers Fight

Not many have seen the Tigers fight in a Jungle. At times one feels that he is lucky to see one, at times you feel that you should not have seen one. Two beautiful powerful creatures fighting to capture a territory or a Tigress is… Read More »Tigers Fight