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Other Important Info

Product & Service Description

In the Product & Service Description section of our policy, we outline the offerings provided by Nature Safari India. We specialize in delivering tailored wildlife and cultural safari experiences to guests worldwide. Through our website,, users can explore existing tour options or request a personalized itinerary designed exclusively for them. The tour itinerary serves as the core product or service, which may encompass various components such as safari permits, guide fees, transportation, interstate flights within India, tickets, and related services. The customization process empowers users to dictate their preferences and requirements, ensuring a bespoke experience that aligns with their interests and desires.


Relationship Between Website & Legal Name

The website is the official online platform owned and operated by Nature Safari India Pvt Ltd, a company registered at 507, Emaar The Palm Square, Gurgaon Sector 66, Haryana, India. As the authorized digital presence of Nature Safari India Pvt Ltd, the website serves as a primary means through which the business interacts with its customers and users. Information collected through the website, as outlined in our Privacy Policy, is managed and utilized in accordance with the practices established by Nature Safari India Pvt Ltd. This includes the collection of personal data necessary for providing services, improving user experience, and complying with legal obligations. By accessing and using, users acknowledge and consent to the policies and procedures outlined by Nature Safari India Pvt Ltd.


Customer Registration Process & Guidelines

Our Customer Registration Process & Guidelines at prioritize security and efficiency. We strictly limit registration and login access to authorized admins and editors only. Customers, clients, or guests are not permitted to register or login to our official business website. However, all users are welcome to freely browse, read, and inquire about our products by filling out an enquiry form available on the website. Through this form, users can submit their queries along with contact details, allowing our representatives to promptly assist them. Additionally, users can opt to join our official newsletter by providing their consent through the newsletter form. It’s important to note that aside from these methods, direct registration on the official website is not permitted. This approach ensures the integrity of our platform while maintaining a seamless user experience for all visitors.


Prices & Costs

In the Prices and Cost Information section of our policy, it’s essential to note that at Nature Safari India, prices and costs for our products and services are intricately tied to the specific requirements and demands of our valued customers and guests. As an inbound tour operator, we prioritize flexibility and customization, allowing guests to tailor their tours and services according to their preferences. This approach eliminates the need for fixed pricing, as each experience is unique to the individual. Once a guest inquires about a product, our representative diligently gathers all necessary details to craft a personalized itinerary. Subsequently, we share the finalized product details, along with transparent pricing, with the guest via email, ensuring clarity and satisfaction throughout the booking process.