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Blackbuck Safari Lodge

Velavadar National Park

About Blackbuck Safari Lodge

Blackbuck Safari Lodge is nestled in a lovely hamlet surrounded by farmland and water. The safari gate of Black Buck National Park-Velavadar is only a 10-minute drive from the property. The park offers lush grassland where visitors can see wolves, foxes, jungle cats, and hyenas. The park is home to the greatest number of wintering raptors, the Harrier. During the winter, you can see a variety of grassland birds in addition to harriers. During the monsoon, the lovely grassland serves as a breeding site for Lesser Floricans.
The cottages are well designed and placed in a lovely environment. For those who prefer a more relaxing evening, each cottage offers an own sit out. The cottages are equipped with all of the latest conveniences while also incorporating elements of the local architecture.

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