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Meet Our Team

For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.

Nature Safari India’s strength is its team and the strength of the team are the guests who ever so kindly trust and choose to travel with us. Our adage stands strong—great things in a company are never done by an individual, but a team of people who work in unison towards a common vision.

Nature Safari India aims to provide you an unparalleled experience, a surreal perception of India and its wilderness. No two tigers or jungles are the same, and so we know that no two guests have the same requirement. Thus, we take it upon ourselves to ensure that your trip is as customized as you want it to be. With years of wildlife experience, not only our in house team, but our close liaison with the best tour guides and naturalists, are like cherry on the already delicious cake. We hope to serve you soon and be a part of your next Jungle Book adventure.

Core Team

Sharad Kumar Vats

Founder – Director

Deepkul Chhetri

Deepkul Chhetri

Sr. Manager, Operations
Abhishek Kumar

Abhishek Kumar

Manager, Operations

Deep Narayan Tew

Deep Tew

Manager, Operations

Ishana Vats Team

Ishana Vats

Manager, Product Dev.

Akshay Bhatia

Akshay Bhatia

Manager, Web Devl.

Deepak Senapati

Deepak S.

Manager, Finance

Prem Swaroop

Prem Swaroop

Manager, Sales

vibhav srivastava naturalist 1.webp

Vibhav Srivastava

Conservation Biologist


Naren Malik

Naren Malik

Head Naturalist, Nature Safari India

A natural at tracking the big cat and other wildlife, Naren has been our star naturalist in Kanha since 2006. He has been working with professional wildlife photographers for 15 years and knows exactly what angles to click from. Learning on the job with his photographer friends, Naren too has learnt photography and likes to pick up the camera when he’s not behind the wheel. Travel with this expert on our luxury tour to Central India!

Sanjay Tharke

Sanjay Thakre

Senior Naturalist, Kanha National Park

Having spent most of his life in Kanha, he has developed the skills of tracking big cats, with added insights about the herbal life and its importance in local communities. He was intrigued by various bird calls and sounds, which made him follow them to observe their behaviour and habitats. Having worked in Kanha for 16 years as a naturalist, he is a great companion to be with while exploring the Kanha landscape.

Mahesh Gop Naturalist Guide Kanha National Park

Mahesh Gop

Senior Naturalist, Kanha National Park

Mahesh Gop, age 33, has been working in the Kanha tiger reserve as a naturalist for over a decade. His father was an assistant mahaut with park management during the re-establishment of villages from the core, and his family also was shifted to the buffer area of Kanha from the core. He grew up seeing wildlife around and chose guiding and driving in the park, had worked with WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) for 6 months in the Kanha to Pench corridor, and completed the ‘Pronats’ course conducted by WFS associated with Pungdandee safaris in the Satpura tiger Reserve. Mahesh is passionate about bird watching and big cat tracking. 

Sanjay Gupta

Sanjay Gupta

Senior Naturalist, Bandhavgarh National Park

Sanjay Gupta was born and brought up around Bandhavgarh National Park. His 25 year experience of treading the same trails as the tiger makes him an excellent guide and naturalist. His main aim is to always tick off guest bucket lists when they come to Bandhavgarh – this could be include viewing tigers, leopards, birding or even listening to fun stories about the park. Sanjay’s abundant knowledge makes him a guest favourite!

Jagat Narain Chaturvedi

Jagat Narayan Chaturvedi

Senior Naturalist, Bandhavgarh National Park

Jagat’s love from wildlife spruced from the very fact that he was born around the Tala zone of the National Park. Other than guiding, he was also assisting several TV channels in documenting the initial tigers and their stories in Bandhavgarh. These included big wildlife names such as Discovery and BBC. Till date, he continues to work with famous wildlife photographers, showcasing his wildlife expertise on every drive.


Ragawendra Sharma

Senior Naturalist, Bandhavgarh National Park

Ragwendra, aka, Raghu is one of the most experienced naturalists in Bandhavgarh. Hailing from Tala, a small town out of Bandhavgarh, Raghu has been a professional guide and naturalist since 1994. It’s been close to 2 decades that he has been taking tourists around the park, but not a day goes by when he does not appreciate the park and the opportunities its given him. He is also a farmer when he’s not too busy tracking tigers!

ajeet narayan chaturvedy naturalist bandhavgarh

Ajeet Chaturvedi

Senior Naturalist, Bandhavgarh National Park

Ajeet developed an early interest in guiding. He was only in the 8th standard when he started frequenting tiger trails alongside other naturalists. He soon became an additional guide with the forest department in Bandhavgarh. His interest then plummeted into a full time career when his family could afford to buy a safari gypsy. Ever since, he has been working with several famous wildlife enthusiasts like Pete Cooper and others.

Irshad 1


Senior Naturalist, Corbett National Park

Irshaad is the senior most naturalist in the Dhikala Campus at Corbett National Park. His tracking skills are renowned and people itch to travel with him. He is also a favorite among wildlife photographers and senior officials who wish to see multiple tigers on their tour to Dhikala. A hobby photographer himself, his eye for angle almost makes us feel like the Tiger knows he’s around and hence, they strike a pose!


Abdul Rahman

Senior Naturalist, Corbett National Park

Rahman hails from the foothills of the Himalayas. His life was simple and primarily revolved around cattle farming. He is however, the only one who managed to get an education out of his community of around 500 families. Turning his love for animals into a career he joined Taj Safaris in Central India, and later in Corbett National Park, before finally moving to Dhikala. He is a guest favorite for his immense knowledge about the park and a great sense of humor!

Vijay Thapliya

Vijay Thapalia

Senior Naturalist, Corbett National Park

Hailing from a local village at the edge of the forest Vijay has observed and explored the jungles of Corbett his entire life. He has been working as an expert guide in Corbett since 2007, after completing his naturalist training program. he has a strong instinct for the jungle and makes subtle observations about animal behavior. He is also one of the top birders at Corbett National Park.

Parkas Chandra Dorbi Corbett Guide

Parkas Chandra Dorby

Senior Naturalist, Corbett National Park

Parkas Chandra Dorby works in Corbett National Park in Ramnagar, Uttarakhand. In May 2005, Parkas received a month of guide training from the forest department of Corbett park and then had his first appointment as a guide in the Sarapduli Dhikala Zone. After three years, he decided to work outside the Jhirna Gate and also worked as a freelance bird-watching guide in Nainital and Pangot. Parkas Chandra Dorby continues to work in Corbett National Park as a Senior Naturalist with Nature Safari India, leading safari tours in the Dhikala zone.

Bhupendra Singh guide in dhikala corbett

Bhupendra Singh Mehra

Senior Naturalist, Corbett National Park

Bhupendra Singh Mehra is a nature guide working in Corbett since 2005. He hails from a village situated on the boundary of Corbett Park, which also serves as a corridor for wild animals. Bhupendra has encountered wild animals on numerous occasions, and he holds a deep love for wildlife. Fortunately, in 2005, the administration granted Bhupendra the opportunity to work in Corbett. He commenced his journey as a room attendant in Corbett, accumulating a wealth of experience during the three years in that role. Following that, the Corbett administration bestowed upon him the registration of a nature guide. Since then, he has explored all the zones within Corbett Park and currently operates in Dhikala, renowned as the heart of Corbett. Bhupendra has served as a guide in Dhikala for the past 8 years.

subhash kumar pench naturalist

Subhash Kumar Gadekar

Senior Naturalist, Pench National Park

Subhash was born in and brought up in a family of farmers. He has been exposed to plenty of flora and fauna in his village and in the neighboring forest. This led to him developing a keen interest in observing animal and bird behavior, which ultimately resulted in him becoming a professional guide. He has been sharing his abundant knowledge about Pench for over 16 years as a full time naturalist.

Subhash Bhawre Guide in Pench National Park & Tiger Reserve

Subhash Bhawre

Senior Naturalist, Pench National Park

Subhash Bhawre was born and brought up in and around Pench. His schooling also took place in Pench, and he acquired knowledge about wildlife, including flora and fauna, in his village. Subhash has been working as a guide for 20 years in Pench National Park and has undergone training programs as a naturalist in Kanha, Satpuda, Pench, and Bhopal. He has worked with a foundation for social work, namely the Wildlands Trust, in the vicinity of some villages in Pench Tiger Reserve, near the core zone. Subhash has a deep passion for flora and fauna and is also quite interested in playing cricket.

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