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Captivating Moments Shared by Our Guests on Their Indian Tiger Safari Experience

Jewel Reese

One thing I really enjoyed about my trip is I visited several National Parks, and each one gave me an amazing & unique experience.

The 4th park I visited was Bandhavgarh,  and what I loved about that park is it gave me opportunities to sit and observe a single, individual tiger over an extended amount of time. In this particular case,  during the morning safari, we had seen the large male’s pug marks, and we heard several alarm calls, but as much as we searched – we could not find this elusive, large male tiger.

At the end of the morning safari, we ended up at a watering hole, and the forest service assigned guide said, “I guarantee, 100%, that the tiger will be here after lunch.”

Ajju, my driver, and I looked at each other. “100 percent?!?!?”  If there is one thing I know about wildlife & the forest – nothing is 100 percent!

In fact, Ajju &  I joked about it during the drive back to the lodge. But while we knew there was no guarantees with wildlife – that doesn’t mean we weren’t going to try. So Ajju & I made plans to leave for the afternoon safari early in order to be first in line at the gate & drive directly back to the waterhole.

The second safari came, and we did just that.  Two jeeps had obtained special permission to enter the park before the others (one was a camera crew for a nature film company; while the other was clearly a professional photographer), but then we were the next to enter he park.  We drove directly to the waterhole – and sure enough, the forest guide was right! The large male tiger was sleeping by the waterhole exactly as he predicted.

Being the 3rd jeep in the area, I had an great view & was able to spend time just observing this tiger. (As a veterinarian, I even noticed he was limping on his front leg).

It was an amazing experience & one I will never forget.

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