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Our Motto

A journey from “Conservation through Tourism” to “We Serve, We Conserve”.

The founding motto of our organization was “Conservation Through Tourism”. We pioneered this concept and ensured implementation at grass root levels. This motto stood fulfilled when tourism increased in the national parks thereby increasing employment and generating a local economy. It was then time for us to expand our vision to “We Serve, We Conserve”.

We are in the business to serve our guests, and to exceed their expectations. This has resulted in giving us a big base of regular and referral guests. Simultaneously we like to conserve the local community and nature. We like to provide good education to children, provide a better livelihood, and encourage one’s ability to bring out the best in a person.

All our principles and practices revolve around this motto. It is our core ideology to put profits after people and products. A delighted guest, and a smiling child studying in a village school brings us more joy than anything else.

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