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Community Based Conservation

Wildlife tourism has surged in India over the last decade, and therefore it is no surprise that the inflow of visitors too has increased. Due to this monumental influx, the rural economies of India’s National Parks have subsequently flourished. With such an increase in revenue stream, it’s been our utmost priority to engage people from the local community who are eager to learn and possess a reservoir of knowledge. By creating alternative livelihoods, individuals take immense pride in not only their work but also the wildlife they depend on. This inadvertently helps human beings and animals to coexist harmoniously, where not only does the local economy thrive, but so do the countless pristine habitats which nurture species that are an integral part of the ‘Web of Life’.
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Kanha Bhoorsingh School

An Education Initiative by Kanha National Park

Our forest guards risk their lives every day to ensure the safety of our jungle. Their children need a strong foundation to build a better future. The forest department of Kanha National Park took up the initiative to build a school for these children and for locals in the Mukki district of Kanha National Park, paving a revolutionary path for education in rural India. Our aim has been to raise awareness about the school and its effort to surface a niche for these children, while urging funds from sources who are willing to contribute for a child’s future. Situated at the heart of Mukki zone in Kanha National Park,

Kanha Bhoorsingh School is named after the renowned mascot of the national park which is a Barasingha (Swamp Deer)”. Attracting children from 10 neighboring villages, the school is known for bringing children from the Baiga tribe to study alongside children of the forest officials, with a city school education standard.

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Waste Warriors

A Non-Profit Organization, Corbett National Park
Around Corbett Landscape since Oct 2013, the Waste Warrior’s Corbett team seeks to introduce a system of Solid Waste Management in an area covering over 150 villages across 100 kms, around the periphery of Corbett Tiger Reserve (CTR), where no such system exists. So far, they have been able to reach out to 48 rural locations in Panchayat & Forest areas around the Corbett Landscape. Additionally, team conducts activities for awareness, education, clean-ups and transformations in the 37 villages located on the Eastern and Northern periphery of CTR. There ongoing efforts keeps these villages free from waste, thereby

thereby protecting wildlife from harm’s way. Their vision is clean India which has systems in place to ensure that every citizen disposes of their waste correctly and feels a sense of civic responsibility and national pride regarding cleanliness. A healthier India with improved living standards and a better quality of life where waste workers are valued and respected for their work.

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Earth Focus

Contribution towards the development of tribals & conservation of Kanha National Park

At Nature Safari India, we believe that a commitment to corporate social responsibility is crucial to our mission of promoting sustainable tourism and conservation. We are proud to support the work of Earth Focus, an organization that is making a significant impact on tribal development, education, and conservation in the Kanha forests.

Earth Focus Vision :

Our holistic depth model currently focuses on education and livelihoods built around landscape restoration in the park’s buffer zone. We work with forest dwelling communities to leverage indigenous and local knowledge along with scientific and technical knowhow to build ecological and socio-economic resilience. Our vision is to shape a Kanha landscape where people and nature thrive.

Earth Focus Mission:

Our mission is to empower forest dwelling communities and restore nature through contextual education and sustainable livelihoods.


Satpuda Foundation

Promotes ecologically sustainable development among rural and urban communities in Satpuda

At Nature Safari India, we are committed to promoting sustainable tourism and responsible corporate citizenship. As part of this commitment, we are proud to support the work of the Satpuda Foundation, an organization that is dedicated to promoting ecologically sustainable development among rural and urban communities in the Satpuda region.

Through our donation to the Satpuda Foundation, we are contributing to the critical work of empowering communities in the Satpuda region to build sustainable futures for themselves and their families. The Satpuda Foundation’s programs aim to promote sustainable livelihoods, improve access to healthcare and education, and protect the region’s natural resources through conservation and restoration efforts.

Satpuda’s Mission:

Satpuda Foundation aims to protect wildlife and forests across the Satpuda landscape and to promote ecologically sustainable development among rural and urban communities in the region.

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Rainwater Harvesting

An initiative to provide clean drinking water to students of a village school

With support from wildlife enthusiast @vatssharad of @naturesafariindia, Mrs. @tulikakedia75 of @singinawajunglelodge, and, the implementation of a rainwater harvesting system was done at a village school in Awarghani, Madhya Pradesh last week. Naturalist Varun Mani (@bombaywhite) was the project coordinator who worked to complete this project with personal attention and immense dedication. It was learned that the school was facing a complete loss of usable water right from the beginning of summer.  Pench sees very scarce rainfall, under the annual average of 800 mm for the last couple of years, with groundwater reaching much lower than the depths of the borewells in the area. With the new system in place, the rainwater collecting on the roof of the school is now channeled and filtered through pipes to recharge the dry borewell. This will hopefully result in annual saving of 50,000 to 70,000 litres of drinking water for the village.

More Details at @EarthBrigadeFoundation

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