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The Odd Toed ungulates of India

The Definition of Ungulates Ungulates are mammals distinguished by the presence of hooves, which are enlarged toenails. Initially, the term “ungulate” specifically encompassed the orders Artiodactyla (even-toed) and Perissodactyla (odd-toed). However, recent studies have broadened this classification to include other mammals such as elephants, hyraxes,… Read More »The Odd Toed ungulates of India

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Exploring the Intersection of Wildlife Tourism and Conservation

The global crisis confronting wildlife has reached unprecedented levels, with several species currently facing extinction due to human activities. This peril extends even to once-protected havens, highlighting the critical need for responsible stewardship of Earth’s biodiversity. Simultaneously, the demand for wildlife tourism is escalating by… Read More »Exploring the Intersection of Wildlife Tourism and Conservation

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Deer and Deer Antler

Introduction The deer is a type of even-toed ungulate, which are mammals with hooves where the hoof is a modified nail. Deer belongs to the order Artiodactyl, which includes even-toed ungulates. The Cervidae family, or deer family, consists of ruminant ungulates characterized by a moist,… Read More »Deer and Deer Antler