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Courtyard House

Kanha National Park

About Courtyard House

A charming court yard home owned by Neelesh and Kirty – Old Kanha Hoteliers – is nestled among Kanha’s beautiful forests. Traditional ethnic design is incorporated into the lovely boutique hotel accommodations. The building has a hint of British Indian architecture that dates back to the Raj era. It perfectly complements the esoteric surroundings of tiger land and extols the existence of nearby tribal settlements.

Courtyard House is located on the outskirts of the National Park, surrounded by magnificent trees. The ultra deluxe suite accommodations provide an awe-inspiring hideaway amid the lush green forests, with poolside settings in a zone of tranquilly. All of this is enhanced by personalised service, delicious meals, and a welcoming atmosphere that elevates you above the status of a lodge guest.

Kanha Tiger Reserve is known for its pleasant climate and spectacular beauty. The magnificent farmhouse setting is complemented with exquisite wait service, modern facilities, and your own private living space that is stylishly equipped and filled out to the brim. The jungle tales and scary alarm screams as the tiger roars close add to the nighttime sundowners by the pool.

The property is located in a secluded beautiful location of Patpara Village, amidst the big cat infested buffer zone bounds of Kanha near Soona Ghat. Courtyard House is a small oasis just before Mocha Village on the way to Khatia Gate. It is completely isolated, making it a superb private hideaway that gives substance to your wildlife excursion.

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