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Infinity Resorts

Kaziranga National Park

About Infinity Resorts

Infinity Resorts Kaziranga is built in this grove, merging it with the dense foliage and canopy. The resort is placed in the midst of a thick bamboo grove, coupled with a broad range of medicinal plants and a plantation of betel nuts and fruit trees. Its architectural design is reminiscent of historic Assamese houses built on bamboo stilts in the past. This magnificent Kaziranga resort is further complemented by a lovely lake that covers over 20,000 square feet.

With its high sloping roofs, traditional handcrafted walls, towering, flood-proof stilts, and bamboo furnishings, these elegant 16 guest rooms offer a distinctive Assamese environment that blends with the local architecture and is completely in one with nature. Our resort accommodations in Kaziranga will enchant guests with their attention to detail and service, leaving them with a sense of true Assamese hospitality.

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