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Jim's Jungle Retreat

Corbett National Park

About Jim's Jungle Retreat

Jim’s Jungle Retreat is located in Uttarakhand’s Himalayan state of Uttarakhand, in the beautiful southern forests of Jim Corbett National Park. We have three different types of accommodations, totaling 18 houses, all of which are created with an emphasis on aesthetics, comfort, and recreating the history of the area. These include jungle cottages and lodges that take architectural cues from the Raj era’s historic forest bungalows and rest rooms.

A warm and classy setting is created by luxuriant textiles, beautiful linens, and subtle accents. The walls are framed by century-old lithographs and plates of Indian fauna. The furniture is made with a lot of local materials and expertise, and each individually styled apartment exudes charm and exclusivity. Jim’s Jungle Retreat is the ideal combination of luxury in the midst of wildness and an unforgettable, immersive wildlife experience if you’re looking for an exciting yet peaceful vacation in Corbett National Park.

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