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Postcard Resort

Gir National Park

About Postcard Resort

The contrasts and delights of being at The Postcard Gir are revealed by sixteen acres of mango orchards nestled among Gir’s raw, untamed, and obviously wild forest. The fifteen rooms provide ample solitude, ensuring that the only sounds you hear are those of migrating birds or, of course, the unmistakable roar of a friendly lion. The ideal setting for pondering life’s major concerns. For example, deciding which salad to have for lunch. You see what I mean.

The Postcard Gir’s fifteen rooms are a modernist sanctuary in a setting as old as time itself, raw yet opulent. The rooms are spacious, with plenty of light and space to let in the changing light as well as views of the spreading mango orchards. Not to mention its distinct aroma. It’s safe to say you’ll fit right in.

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