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Red Earth Kabini

Bandipur National Park

About Red Earth

Among the amalgamation of waterways and forests lies Red Earth Kabini. An unpretentious resort located on the backwaters of the Kabini Dam, Red Earth Kabini encapsulates what Kabini is all about and promises to leave you with an experience of diversity and wellbeing that is unparalleled. Whether it’s the chorus walk in the early hours of the day, the flagship safaris at Nagarhole National Park, or the idyllic coracle rides on the backwaters, every experience at Red Earth Kabini promises to leave you with an everlasting memory of the wild, and an itch to return for more.

Responsible and sustainable tourism are tenets of Red Earth, and they extend the same philosophy to Kabini as well. Everything they do on this grand planet leaves behind a footprint, and they like to have a positive impact as our legacy by following the simplest of principles.

The cottages at Kabini, for instance, are built with red mud that was originally dug up when the site was being excavated. Along with this, they’ve used rammed earth for the cottages, ensuring that nearly all materials used for the properties are eco friendly.
They have also used hand crafted Athangudi tiling for the floors, contributing to local artisans and community. Nearly 95% of the staff hail from local villages, and of the produce is sourced locally as well. Just a few among many ways of giving back to the people and the land.

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