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Taj Baghvan

Pench National Park

About Taj Baghvan

Baghvan, which literally means ‘tiger forest,’ is only 100 kilometres from Nagpur and a two-hour trip away. These 12 beautiful stand-alone bungalows are built alongside a scenic ‘nullah’ (dry riverbed) that separates the lodge premises from the national park and are only a few minutes from the national park entrance. Each bungalow at our Pench National Park safari resort has its own rooftop machan, indoor and outdoor showers, and a private sitting space surrounded by trees. A vintage radio, crystal candelabras on the dining table, and metal chandeliers add to the colonial motif in the guest spaces. The hall’s grandeur is enhanced with delicate Parsi tiles on the live food counter, woven hyacinth furnishings, and massive ebony chests.

The Taj Safari Lodge in Baghvan boasts a lovely infinity pool with views of the jungle and is sheltered by trees. Guests can utilise a small library, computer, and television in a tiny cottage across from the safari shop, while the neighbouring room is a tastefully peaceful location for massage treatments.

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