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The Birder's Inn

Keoladeo National Park

About The Birder's Inn

The Birder’s Inn! This boutique lodge is just a mere stone’s throw from the world famous Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary (only 300 meter walk). The lodge offers 23 spacious rooms that overlook a large private garden populated with fruit trees that attract various birds. The lodge also has a tasteful bird-inspired decor as the Owner is a well known local Naturalist and bird lover. The mogul inspired pink sandstone architecture gives the feeling of a mystic bygone era as you enjoy your stay. You have all the necessary modern comforts like air-conditioning, hot and cold running water; there is a multi-cuisine restaurant & grill that serves a delectable variety of dishes. During the winter there is a nightly bonfire in the garden to relax around after a long day of birding in the park.The Birder’s Inn is run by some of the best local naturalists; people who were actually born inside the park!

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