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Tiger's Den Resort

Bandhavgarh National Park

About Tiger's Den Resort

We are delighted to introduce Tiger’s Den Resort, which is set in the lush green and quiet environs of Bandhavgarh National Park, the Land of the White Tiger. Professionals from the service industry developed, designed, and currently run this resort. There are 34 beautifully fitted Deluxe and premium cottage rooms in the resort. The cottages’ balconies look out over the magnificent and massive hills of the Vindhyanchal range.

The Tiger’s Den Resort, located on the outskirts of the local village “Tala,” offers you a unique position advantage that no other resort can match: you can walk a short distance to see a day in the life of an Indian village where the pace of life is still dictated by the seasons. Simple buildings, mud-brick cottages, and elderly smoking hookahs while sitting on a cot are some of the usual sights that indicate that time has stood still in some parts of the world even today. Yes, you can stroll about the neighbourhood on your own, visit the local school, connect with the students, and walk with a group of eager kids.

Take a tour through Tiger’s Den Resort’s stunning landscapes with our resident naturalist, who will explain you about the resort’s more than 60 different types of trees. He’ll take you on a tour of a small medical plant nursery and explain the medicinal properties of various local plants. He will take you through “Dus Avatar,” the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu, one of the trinity of Indian Mythology, and you will be so enthralled that you will want to rush to the Bandahvgarh Fort, which contains these ten sculptors, right away. We have them carved on a wooden plank at Tiger’s Den Resort by craftsmen from Mysore (part of Karnataka state in South India).

Our motto is “WALK THE TALK,” so everything said above is a guarantee that you will have a wonderful experience while staying at the Tiger’s Den Resort.

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