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Sariska National Park

About Vanaashrya

Experience the extraordinary camping experience at Vanaashrya, an opulent wilderness cradled in luxury with royal hospitality. Vanaashrya provides you a true jungle environment produced by beautiful natural settings, set amid a spacious 12 acres of lush landscape and encircled by a lake.
Vanashrya is only 190 kilometres from Delhi and 107 kilometres from Jaipur.
Agra 248 kilometres, Alwar 36 kilometres, Bharatpur 158 kilometres, Delhi 180 kilometres, Jaipur 122 kilometres, Neemrana 136 kilometres, Shahpura 53 kilometres.
Luxury tents with air conditioning and heating are available.
There are 27 villas in all.
Sariska, nestled in the Arravalis, is the closest site from Delhi where one can witness a tiger in its native environment. The Maharajas’ hunting grounds used to be here.

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