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Books On Indian Wildlife

There are different types of travellers, like a compulsive traveller, solo traveller, nature traveller, thrill seeker, etc. They are different in many ways, as they seek different things out of their travel, but there is one thing in common, i.e. they want to know more about a destination.

With advent of technology information is on everyone’s fingertips. I say the entire world has shrunk into your 5 inch mobile LED screen. You punch your question, and out comes the answer at a faster speed than the magic lamp of Aladdin. The answers that come on top are in bullet point, like, the ‘Top 5 to do list in Old Delhi’, the ‘Top 10 places to visit in India’ etc. Practically everything you wish to know is now available in one sentence answers on the internet.

Yes, these one liners do give some indication about what you are looking for, but can they give you an insight, I highly doubt that. Hence I strongly recommend books, be it hard cover, paperback, or Kindle, whatever you are comfortable with. The books are mostly authored by some experts in the area who have spent considerable amount of their lifetime studying the subject.

To know India and Indian Wildlife in some context I recommend the below books. Read one, or more than one. Should you want my opinion I will provide that too. India is a diverse country, and knowing it in one lifetime is not easy. So books help understanding someone’s decades of experience in few hundred pages which can be read in a few weeks.

The books listed in the Indian Wildlife section are all very interesting and will provide an insight into the diverse flora, fauna of India. If you must read just one out of the lot then do read, ‘Maneaters of Kumaon by Jim Corbett’.

Some books on Indian Wildlife

  1. Maneaters of Kumaon – Jim Corbett
  2. A Life with Wildlife – Dr M K Ranjitsinh
  3. Wild Animals of Central India – A A Dunbar Brander
  4. The Highlands of Central India: Notes on Their Forests and Wild Tribes, Natural History, and Sports – James Forsyth
  5. Tales from the Indian Jungles – Kenneth Anderson
  6. Return of the Tiger – Dr Kailas Sankhla
  7. A Field Guide to Indian Mammals – Vivek Menon
  8. The Book of Indian Birds – Dr Salim Ali
  9. The End of a Trail, Cheetah in India – Dr Divyabhanu Sinh Chavda
  10. The Story of Asia’s Lions – Dr Divyabhanu Sinh Chavda

Some Books on India

  1. My Experiments with Truth – Mahatma Gandhi
  2. Freedom at Midnight – Dominique Lappiere and Larry Collins
  3. Autobiography of a Yogi – Paramahansa Yogananda
  4. Discovery of India – Jawaharlal Nehru
  5. The Argumentative Indian – Amartya Sen
  6. A Passage to India – E M Forster
  7. The Last Mughal – William Dalrymple

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