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Bandhavgarh Safari Summary For Season 2015-2016 By Jagat Narain Chaturvedi

Bandhavgarh Safari - Team NSI
Jagat Narain Chaturvedi

Bandhavgarh National Park has been popular with the tourists as it provides excellent Tiger sightings consistently. Like every year the nature of the Tiger i.e. intense discipline, ferocious will power and fearlessness was on display this season at Bandhavgarh National Park. One always wants to get the glimpse of the Tiger walking in front of their jeep, or behind the Jeep. But would one have the rare sight of the Tiger depends on your destiny and devotion.

Will we be able to pass this legacy to our newer generations is a questions which keeps haunting us? But the efforts of the Forest department brought reasons for some celebrations. Bandhavgarh this year had 61 adult tigers and 14 sub adults. These are unprecedent Tiger numbers for the first time in the history of this park.

Bandhavgarh National Park opened on October 01, 2015 with only two routes in Tala zone. The opening wasn’t impressive with Bandhavgarh standards. It was like a lull before the storm. One could even say a sedate start to a Virat Kohli innings. But as the season progressed Bandhavgarh returned to it’s former glory of the best place on the planet to see the Tigers. Subsequently with every passing day the sighting graph only improved.

Banbei Tigress (T32) and her son Samrat were very frequently sighted near Sita Mandap, a historical point in the park. But in winters their sightings shifted to Ghorademon area. They were often seen playing with each other. On many occasions Samrat was seen near the water bodies of Kindarbah, Sita Mandap and Banbei river. For a Tiger just 18 months to be sighted alone so frequently is a bit unnatural. Samrat had everyone worried with his solitary excursions into the wilds, but luck favors the brave and he survived.

Spotti (T41) – This Tigress enchanted the visitors in the famous Tala zone. Infact during the winters she kept the healthiest record in sightings with her presence. She was seldom accompanied by the male of this region. This pair was seen mating at Andhiyari Jhiria, Rampur Road and Bandarchui. THis togetherness resulted in Spotti becoming a mother of her first litter of three cubs. In June this entire Royal family was seen at Damnar for three consecutive days. Guests who saw these cubs with their mother had sleepless nights.

Rajbehra Tigress (T34) – A very intelligent and an experienced Tigress. Initially she kept her cubs away from tourists behind Bathan area. Later in the season they were seen regularly as a family at Jhilki Nala. The summer months were quite amazing to see the whole family in the Sehra grassland. Almost every visitor in Magadhi had a glimpse of her with her cubs.

Sukhi Patiha Tigress (T5) was active from October to January near Patiha water hole. She was seen cooling off in summer months in the same water hole. Also her sighting was with T 18 near Dabhadol area. This area was also inhabited by a sub adult T 53 and has a healthy population of Indian Gaur.

Dotti’s (T17) movement was recorded primarily in winter months near the areas of Charakbah water hole, Boda Talab and Bhool Bhuliya area. She was occasionally sighted with male of Rajbahara offspring. Many were anticipating new cubs by the end of season but nothing happened.

New Kankati (T35)- Young offspring of Rajbahara is unrivaled queen of Tadoba – waterhole. In summer months she was accompanied by the male believed to be Bamera’s offspring. They were seen mating at least on three occasions in different parts of Magadhi zone.

Mahaman Tigress (T24) is an extremely shy female. She has been blessed with three young ones. These young cubs are now 1 year old and often seen crossing Magadhi to Khitouli zones by the tourists.

Bheem (T22) the male at his prime has been seen both in Magadhi and Khitouli. True to his name well-built challenging and winning the battles for dominancy from other males. It is most likely that he might fill in the void left by Bamera. He has all the requisite qualities to dominate the area. Besides, he is overcoming his shyness of tourists gradually.

Ranccha (T29) is a handsome male who roams in #Tala and #Khitouli. An exceptionally peaceful male #Tiger seen a few times at #Kindarbah and #Chakradhara area with the #Banbei and #Kankatti respectively.

Choti female (T40) – Mother of 4 cubs seen regularly in Khitouli. #Kodghar Nala, #Darha Talab and #Nigah water hole became popular this season. All thanks to T 40 and her cubs.

Dhamdhama female  (T21) this elusive female was older of the lot. Last season her cubs were separated. This season brief sighting was reported near Dhamdhama area along with the new cub. Nothing mentioned for the rest of the season.

Chota Charger (T47) has been seen in Khitouli near #Nigha daria and #Kansa area. His name kept after his habit of mock Charging. Father of four cubs from Nigha or Choti female.

Solo (T42) – This young lady is sister of new Kankati. She was active throughout on #Nilgai road, #Jhurjhura and #Bathan road areas. She was often seen resting near #Nandu gufa.

Bamera bids bye to Bandhavgarh National Park

Finally we had to say Good bye to Bamera – a handsome male born in 2004 from Chakradhara and legendary B2. He was the undisputed king of Tala zone. After an injury in 2012 he was pushed out of his territory and he kept living in small area of Khitouli. Last six month he was kept at an enclosure in Bahera for his safety and survival. His tales became immortal forever on May 13, 2016.

Rest of the wildlife also kept the visitors busy this season. Khitouli had some good sightings of the pack of 18 wild dogs. This zone was also busy with Leopards as well this whole season along with sloth bears. Indian Gaur were also seen throughout the park. As of now the core zones Bandhavgarh national park are resting and preparing for the next season. Though the buffer zones are open for the tourists to come and enjoy the monsoons in Bandhavgarh.

Jagat Narain Chaturvedi

Senior Naturalist

Bandhavgarh National Park


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