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Parks Reopen To Full House In October

tiger safari - Tiger Cub behind jeep in Bandhavgarh
Tiger Safari in National Parks

First week of October is a very crucial week for all Tiger lovers in India. They eagerly await the re-opening of the national parks after the three long month closure due to monsoons. As the opening date nears, the level of anxiety increases, anxiety about what would have transpired in these months? Would all Tigers survive the monsoons? Did any territorial fights happen during this time among Tigers? Did any Tiger die in these fights? Did any sub-adult Tiger move on in search of new territory? Did the young cubs survive? Did the Tigresses give any new litter? All these questions have a conclave in the mind prior to the park openings. The thrill is similar or maybe higher like one is awaiting release of a highly popular movie on a Friday of their beloved movie star.

Then the parks open. All Wildlife lovers enter, (different parks in the country) the first few pug marks generate mental celebration as that is information enough on the well-being of their beloved Tigers. And finally there are Tiger sightings, all the admirers come out of the park on cloud nine.

Ranthambhore and Kanha National Parks this year have opened to full houses practically in terms of Tiger sightings. The male Tigers of Mukki and some new Tigresses have given a lot of hope for a wonderful season ahead for those interested in sighting Tigers this year. Ranthambhore on the other hand has retained everything as of last year.  Bandhavgarh and Tadoba are anticipating a big opening on 15th Oct, and Corbett in mid Nov. If you have not planned your safari yet, do it now write to us on [email protected].

Sharad Vats

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