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When Is A Good Time To See Tigers In India?

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A very important, and often asked a question to me by almost all guests wanting to do tiger safaris in India. is “When is a good time to see Tigers in India? My answer is, “Depends on what is your motive.

Tiger in morning golden winter light in #Kanhanationalpark.


If you are a wildlife enthusiast, who really enjoys nature, and is wanting to see maximum wildlife, then anytime from October till June is good to see Tigers. All national parks in India are closed from July till about September for monsoon.

Misty winter evening #Tiger and an #Elephant in #Dudhwa National Park


If you are a nature photographer and wants good light to photograph Tigers, then December and January is perfect. As the morning golden winter light is perfect for Tiger and nature photography. The morning mist also adds to the beauty of the image.

Tiger in water in peak summer month in #Ranthambhore National Park


If you are a serious amateur or a professional photographer, then  April to June is fantastic. It gets hot in these months, the mercury soars above 40 degrees Celsius. So if you can personally handle such temperatures during the safaris then you will be rewarded by some amazing Tiger sightings. June is also the onset of monsoons. Most of the national parks would get some pre-monsoon showers in early June.


Is monsoon a good time to see Tigers in India?

The national parks are closed from 1st July till Sept. In fact Corbett is closed from mid-June until mid-November for monsoon. Some parks open their buffer zones in the monsoon. The beauty of a national park in monsoon is pure magic. The colors in these months are intense. It is like the national park has just undergone some spa treatment. The green backdrop in the sal forest with Tiger in front is a dream image for many.

You can do safaris in the core zones even in June when the park is open. But if the pre-monsoon shower is heavy then the national park can be closed for the safari to avoid your vehicle getting stuck in a slush. Not all national parks close in showers. It all depends on the type of soil in the park. For example, light showers in Bandhavgarh will do no harm to the tracks. But in Kanha due to black clayey soil, the tracks become slippery, thus making it risky to do safaris. Therefore the park authorities close down certain routes in the park. Hence it is important to know all this, or book with them who all this so that you get maximum returns for your resources and efforts.

So when you choose your safari operator be sure that they know when is a good time to see Tigers in India.

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