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What to expect on a luxury wildlife safari in India in 2023?

what to expect on a luxury wildlife safari in india

What to expect on a luxury wildlife safari in India?

A wildlife safari in India in itself is a supremely dynamic experience. You will get a taste of the diverse Indian Wildlife in varied undulating landscapes, backed by the warm hospitality that India is known for. So a holiday encapsulating the luxuries of wildlife and lodging together will be a mesmeric experience, to say the least.


What encompasses a luxury wildlife safari in India?

Luxury wildlife safari in India entail some of the most boutique lodges amidst the dense wilderness of Indian jungles, being guided by some of the most knowledgeable and well-trained naturalists/guides, bigger and more comfortable safari vehicles, and exquisite dining experiences, and bespoke services.


  1. Luxury Accommodation:

Opulence in the laps of nature – Imagine being surrounded by the jungle and witnessing a panoramic view of the bamboo, Sal or mixed deciduous jungle from every window in your room, reception, pool area, lobby, and even the spa. Imagine having the opportunity of being able to listen to the dead deafening silence of the forest with a surprise alarm call every half hour. Imagine being cared for and served like you’re royalty and nothing less.


luxury accommodation in india


This is the level of opulence that the luxury Indian lodges deliver. Some unique features of these luxury lodges are:

  • A unique theme that is inspired by the work of local artisans and their art.
  • Bedrooms that have a panoramic view of the jungle with open decks and lounge chairs to sit and relax by the forest views.
  • Indulgent bath areas with an option for open showers overlooking the jungle greens.
  • Bespoke menus that highlight local cuisine while also bear in mind guest preferences.
  • Kitchen-to-table experiences with an organic garden.
  • Intimate dining experiences.
  • Interactive sessions with naturalists and their jungle stories.
  • Complimentary laundry.
  • Wi-Fi in common areas.
  • Personalized butler service as and when requested and much more.


Some of the best luxury lodges in India are:


  1. Luxury Safari Vehicle:

A luxury wildlife safari in India would mean not only being accompanied by the best and most aware guides and naturalists but also being in the comfort of a bigger safari vehicle. The regular safari jeep provided by other lodges and also the government is a 4×4 Maruti Gypsy. On the other hand, the vehicle provided by luxury lodges is a Tata Xenon. It has 6 bucket seats for a more comfortable experience during rough safari drives. These are also more spacious and comparatively bigger compared to the former gypsy.


luxury safari vehicle in india


  1. Experienced Naturalists/Guides:

While on a safari with any of the luxury lodges, you will be accompanied by some of the most highly qualified and trained guides. They have been trained by AndBeyond naturalists and undergo a heavy screening process for 3 months before getting certified. This training includes personality checks, wildlife knowledge base, specialized species-specific knowledge, basic knowledge about food and wine, and drills to keep the safari vehicle up and running in case of a sudden breakdown within the jungle. Therefore, it is safe to say that you will be accompanied by the most experienced guides and naturalists with ground real-time training to help you out.


experienced naturalists luxury safari


At Nature Safari India, we have an in-house naturalist who has undergone the same screening process and who now works with us full time as the Senior Operations Manager. Having worked with the Taj Safaris in the past, across Nepal, Central India, and Southern India, Deepkul now has an abundance of wildlife expertise based on which he accompanies our guests whenever requested.


  1. Excellent Location:

The lodges that we provide on our luxury wildlife safari in India, are located beautifully amidst the thick forest greens. Some of them even share their boundary with the buffer zone of the national park! Therefore, their location is another major USP because of which they sell like hot cakes.

You get a feeling of being inside the jungle. In fact, there have been times when there has been news of tigers coming inside the property and taking a casual stroll through the common areas. Although harmless, there is therefore always a butler walking you in and out of your room. The nights especially get more adventurous. Since big cats and jungle species in jungles are mostly nocturnal, the butler always carries a torch with themselves while accompanying you from one space to another.



luxury wildlife vacation in india


Therefore, being so intimately close to wildlife and nature in general definitely gets one’s heart pumping and adrenaline rushing.


  1. Luxury Wildlife Safari in India Tours:

At Nature Safari India, the tours we quote our guests on are purely bespoke. They can be customized to the T to fit your requirements and needs to perfection. Three of our most famous luxury safaris in India are:

Luxury Tiger Safari in Central India

This luxury tiger safari in Central India takes you through 4 of the most prime national parks for tiger and wildlife viewing, namely – Pench, Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Panna.

The abundance of fauna coupled with indulgent rendezvous in exotic jungle lodges, will paint you a memory of a lifetime. Experience this pristine opulence exclusively on our luxurious wildlife getaway in the laps of mother nature…

Duration: 14 nights, 15 days

Outline Itinerary: as below


Days Itinerary
Day 01 Arrive New Delhi
Day 02 New Delhi – Khajuraho – Panna (flight + 40 kms/1 hr drive)
Day 03-04 In Panna National Park
Day 05 Panna – Bandhavgarh (250 kms/5 hrs drive)
Day 06-07 In Bandhavgarh National Park
Day 08 Bandhavgarh – Kanha (by surface 280 kms/6 hrs drive)
Day 09-10 In Kanha National Park
Day 11 Kanha – Pench (210 kms/4-5 hrs drive)
Day 12-13 In Pench National Park
Day 14 Pench – Nagpur – New Delhi (100 kms/2 hrs drive + flight)
Day 15 New Delhi Fly Back


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Luxury Tiger Safari in Rajasthan

This luxury wildlife safari in India takes introduces you to Rajasthan’s wildlife and cultural facet, encompassing some of the most popular tourist destinations. The state’s cuisine, culture, lifestyle and colorful ensembles have captivated visitors from India and throughout the world alike. Known for its royal hospitality and engaging arts, it is one of the few states in India that are both culturally as well as naturally blessed.

This tour takes you through the rugged fort ruins of the Mughal Empire in Jaipur and Agra, ornamental palaces in Jodhpur, a beautiful lake side retreat in Udaipur and also gives you a peak at the big cat territory of Ranthambore National Park!

Duration: 13 nights, 14 days

Outline Itinerary: as below


Days Itinerary
Day 01 Arrive New Delhi
Day 02 New Delhi – Agra (220 kms/4 hrs drive)
Day 03 Agra – Ranthambore (by surface 250 kms/5 hrs drive)
Day 04-05 In Ranthambore National Park
Day 06 Ranthambore – Jaipur (180 kms/3 hrs drive)
Day 07 Jaipur
Day 08 Jaipur – Jodhpur (by surface, 335 kms/6 hrs drive)
Day 09 Jodhpur
Day 10 Jodhpur – Udaipur (by surface, 255 kms/5 hrs drive)
Day 11 Udaipur
Day 12 Udaipur – New Delhi (flight)
Day 13 New Delhi Sightseeing
Day 14 New Delhi Fly Back


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Luxury Lions and Gujarat Tour

This luxury wildlife safari in India takes you to the only habitation in the world, giving you an uninterrupted view of the Asiatic Lion, Gir National Park. Amalgamated with this, you will be exploring one of the unique landscape Little Rann of Kutch varying from saline desert plains, rocky and thorn scrub, arid grasslands, plateaus to lakes and marshes, homing another endemic species, the Indian Wild Ass. After Kutch, you also get the opportunity to witness the Black buck in Velavadar National Park, a declared biotic province.

Escapade through these semi-arid terrains and journey across the wondrous state of Gujarat, encountering wildlife endemic to India.

Duration: 11 nights, 12 days

Outline Itinerary: as below


Days Itinerary
Day 01 International Arrival at New Delhi Airport
Day 02 Flight from New Delhi to Ahmedabad. Drive from Ahmedabad to Dasada.
Day 03 In Little Rann of Kutch
Day 04 In Little Rann of Kutch
Day 05 Drive from Little Rann of Kutch to Velavadar.
Day 06 In Blackbuck National Park
Day 07 In Blackbuck National Park
Day 08 Drive from Velavadar to Gir National Park
Day 09 In Gir National Park
Day 10 In Gir National Park
Day 11 Drive from Gir National Park to Rajkot Airport. Flight from Rajkot to New Delhi.
Day 12 International Departure from New Delhi Airport.


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So, if you wish to liberate your senses to take a breathtaking, luxurious, and guided experience across the undulating landscapes of the Indian Jungle, write to us at [email protected] and we shall curate the perfect itinerary to suit your requirements.

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