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Bears of India Tour

15 nights, 16 days

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Bears of India Tour

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Experience the best of Indian wildlife that includes the Royal Bengal Tigers, Asiatic Lions, Black Leopard, Indian Leopards, Snow Leopards, Red Panda, Asian Elephants, and a plethora of reptile and bird species, with experienced naturalists while you stay at the best-selected premium wildlife lodges and hotels.

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Tour overview

Bears of India Tour

India, unique in its biodiversity, stands out as the only country in the world home to four bear species, making it a premier destination for wildlife enthusiasts. The Sloth Bear, endemic to the Indian subcontinent, shares its home with the globally distributed but range-restricted Brown Bear, Himalayan Black Bear, and Sun Bear. Witnessing these magnificent creatures in their natural habitats is a dream come true for any wildlife lover, and the opportunity to see three distinct species within a single country is a remarkable experience.

Our specially curated itinerary is designed to maximize the chances of spotting these elusive animals in their natural environments, ranging from the dense forests of central India to the snow-covered high-altitude regions of the Himalayas. The journey begins in the heart of India, exploring two of the finest forests where the Sloth Bear’s presence is notably significant. From there, the adventure ascends to the temperate forests of the Himalayas, the domain of the Himalayan Black Bear, offering a unique glimpse into their world. The expedition reaches its zenith in the trans-Himalayan landscapes, where the Brown Bear is more commonly sighted, against the backdrop of breathtaking snow-capped peaks. This itinerary not only promises an unparalleled wildlife experience but also an intimate encounter with the diverse ecosystems that these bears call home.

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Tour Map

Bears of India Tour

Detailed Itinerary

Bears of India Tour

Day 01 : Arrival at New Delhi

Upon your arrival at Delhi Airport, a representative from Nature Safari India will be waiting for you just outside the arrival lounge. He will escort you to your accommodation, ensuring a smooth transition from the airport to your hotel. Once there, the representative will assist you with the check-in process, making sure that everything is in order for your stay.

After check-in, you’ll have leisure time to spend at the hotel. Your first night will be spent in New Delhi, at the hotel, offering a peaceful end to your travel day. This overnight stay not only promises rest and recuperation but also serves as the starting point for your adventure in India, setting the tone for the days to come.

Day 02: Delhi – Bhopal – Satpura Tiger Reserve (Flight + Drive 140 kms. / 3hrs 30 minutes)

Following an early breakfast, you’ll be transferred to the airport to board a flight to Bhopal, the city of the Nawabs. Upon arrival at Bhopal airport, a Nature Safari India representative will be there to welcome and assist you with the transfer to Satpura Tiger Reserve.

After a lengthy drive, you’ll reach the lodge. Following a seamless check-in process, you’ll be guided to your room. Once settled, prepare for lunch and a briefing on the Satpura Tiger Reserve. Feel free to pose any questions to the lodge naturalist about the reserve.

The Satpura Tiger Reserve is renowned for its diverse experiences, including boat safaris, night safaris, canoeing, nature walks in the core zone of the reserve, and standard jeep safaris.

Prepare for your first adventure in search of the Bears of India. The Satpura Tiger Reserve, with its undulating and hilly terrain, boasts a significant population of Sloth Bears. This reserve is renowned for daytime sightings of these bears, who are typically known for their nocturnal habits. Post lunch get ready for your first safari in this reserve.

All meals and overnight in the lodge.

Day 03: Satpura Tiger Reserve

Commence your morning with a captivating safari in the reserve. Upon waking, indulge in a delightful serving of tea and coffee, and then make your way to the departure point for a brief boat ride across the reservoir. Upon reaching the other side, disembark at Madhai gate, the gateway to embark on your enthralling wildlife journey into the captivating Satpura Tiger Reserve. From here you will get on another jeep for your safari.

The Satpura Tiger Reserve stands as a testament to the distinctive ecosystem of the central Indian highlands, formed through the integration of Satpura National Park, Pachmarhi Wildlife Sanctuary, and Bori Wildlife Sanctuary. Its diverse elevations and habitats establish a haven for diverse biodiversity in Central India, featuring species exclusive to this region, absent in other parts of Central India. Satpura TR plays a crucial role as a key element in one of the world’s most significant tiger habitats. Covering an expansive area of 2133 sq. km., the most recent estimate places the tiger population in the reserve at around 50. Beyond tigers, the reserve is renowned for frequent sightings of Sloth Bears and leopards. Additionally, there are reports of over 300 bird species making their home within this protected area.

Following your morning excursion, return to the lodge for some well-deserved rest. After a satisfying lunch, embark on an evening drive to discover further excitement and adventure in the abundant offerings of Satpura.

As the sun sets, make your way back to the lodge for refreshing drinks and a delightful dinner. The remainder of the evening is yours to enjoy at your leisure, providing a perfect opportunity to unwind and relish the tranquil surroundings.

All meals and overnight in the lodge.

Day 04: Satpura Tiger Reserve

Today’s itinerary includes a full day’s drive into the park, with the afternoon portion spent at the Churna forest rest house. This location holds significance as the site of the most recent village relocation, providing you with the opportunity to witness firsthand how this relocation has positively impacted the wildlife in the area.

In the evening, engage in a wrap-up discussion on your Satpura National Park experience, reflecting on the day’s adventures and insights gained. Conclude the day with farewell drinks and dinner, savoring the last moments of your memorable stay in this remarkable wilderness.

Day 05: Satpura Tiger Reserve

This morning, engage in a walking safari (Depends upon the permission by forest department) within the core zone of the reserve. During this unique experience, guests will be accompanied by a forest guide and a guard equipped with the necessary gear to ensure safety. While walking safaris are generally secure, caution is paramount due to the potential presence of potentially dangerous animals such as sloth bears, leopards, or even tigers. Although these animals typically avoid human contact and tend to retreat upon spotting people on foot, caution must be exercised. Startled animals may react defensively, posing a risk of attack. Therefore, it is crucial to remain vigilant, keeping eyes and ears open during walking safaris. The unparalleled experience of walking in a tiger territory provides an opportunity to observe various aspects of wildlife that often go unnoticed during traditional jeep safaris.

After lunch, enjoy a canoeing or boating excursion in the reservoir (Depends upon the water level). Canoeing provides an excellent opportunity for birdwatching, allowing you to get remarkably close to the diverse avian population. Satpura is renowned for its birdlife, with Indian skimmers being a highlight. As one of the habitats for Indian skimmers, Satpura presents an exceptional chance for bird enthusiasts to observe this species up close. Other noteworthy bird species in the area include the Indian Spoonbill, River Tern, Pied Kingfisher, Openbill Stork, Purple and Grey Egret and Eurasian Thick-knee. Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the reservoir while indulging in this birdwatching experience.

In the evening, engage in a wrap-up discussion on your Satpura National Park experience, reflecting on the day’s adventures and insights gained. Conclude the day with farewell drinks and dinner, savoring the last moments of your memorable stay in this remarkable wilderness.

Day 06: Satpura Tiger Reserve – Bhopal – New Delhi (Drive 140 kms. / 3hrs 30 minutes and flight)

Following a leisurely breakfast, it’s time to bid farewell to this extraordinary hub of biodiversity. En route to Bhopal airport, make a visit to the Bhimbetka rock shelter, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Spanning a large area, this rock shelter is home to rock paintings from the Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and historic periods.

The site showcases the earliest traces of human life in India, with evidence of the Stone Age dating back to Acheulian times. Explore the rich history and cultural significance of Bhimbetka before continuing your journey to Bhopal airport, taking with you the memories of the diverse and fascinating experiences encountered in this captivating region.

Overnight at the hotel in Delhi.

Day 07: New Delhi – Srinagar – Dachigham National Park (Flight and Drive 26kms/ 1 hour)

After early breakfast transfer to the airport to board a flight to Srinagar. Our representative will be waiting for you outside the arrival hall.

Upon arriving in Srinagar, you’ll embark on a scenic drive to your lodge near Dachigam National Park, where the untouched beauty of Kashmir awaits. Here, you will meet your local wildlife guide who will be your navigator through the wonders of the region. After enjoying a delicious lunch at the lodge, you’ll set off for a guided walk to explore the ancient Buddhist monastery ruins in Harwan, a testament to the rich cultural tapestry of Kashmir. As the evening draws in, you’ll return to the comfort of your lodge, where a sumptuous dinner will be waiting. Your day concludes with a peaceful overnight stay at the hotel, nestled in the serene ambiance of the Kashmir valley.

Lunch, Dinner and overnight at the lodge.

Day 08: Dachigham National Park, Srinagar

After enjoying an early breakfast at the lodge, you’ll set off for an exciting day dedicated to wildlife spotting, specifically aiming to see the elusive black bears. You’ll drive to a designated location within the sanctuary, carrying a packed breakfast to enjoy amidst the natural surroundings.

Following your morning adventure, you’ll head back to the lodge for a well-deserved lunch. After resting for about an hour, you’ll venture back into the park for more exploration and wildlife sightings.

In the evening, you’ll return to the lodge where a garden picnic awaits, allowing you to relax and enjoy the serene beauty of the outdoors. The day ends with a delightful dinner, followed by another comfortable overnight stay at the hotel, rounding off a day filled with nature and wildlife.

All meals and overnight at the lodge

Day 09: Dachigham National Park, Srinagar

Your day begins with an early breakfast at the lodge, setting the tone for an adventurous day ahead. You have a few captivating options to choose from:

  1. Wildlife Spotting at the Sanctuary:

   – Depart early for the sanctuary to spot black bears, with a packed breakfast to enjoy during your excursion.

   – Return to the lodge for lunch and a brief rest, then head back to the park for further exploration.

  1. Birdwatching at Pampore Wetlands:

   – After lunch at the lodge, take a trip to the Pampore wetlands, a haven for bird enthusiasts. Here, you might spot various species such as the Northern Pintail, Common and Ferruginous Pochard, Red-Crested Pochard, Ruddy Shelduck, Northern Shoveler, Brahminy Ducks, and the Tufted Duck.

   – Return to the lodge by evening for relaxation.

  1. Kashmir Heritage Walk:

   – Opt for a half-day experience exploring the old town of Kashmir post-breakfast. This guided walk will introduce you to the rich historical sites, unique architecture, and the delightful local food of the region.

Regardless of your choice, your day concludes with a return to the lodge by evening, followed by dinner and an overnight stay, ensuring a mix of adventure, culture, and relaxation.

All meals and overnight at the lodge

Day 10: Srinagar to Drass (143 Kms. / 4 hrs. )

Upon your arrival in Drass by noon, you’ll check into the Lodge, a cozy accommodation nestled in the scenic beauty of this region, known as the second coldest inhabited place in the world. Your experience begins with a briefing by the Tour Leader, who will provide you with valuable insights and prepare you for the adventures ahead.

After enjoying a delightful lunch at the homestay, take some time to rest and acclimate to the serene surroundings for a couple of hours. Later in the afternoon, you’ll embark on an exciting drive dedicated to spotting the elusive brown bears, a highlight of the region’s rich wildlife.

As the evening approaches, you’ll return to the warmth and comfort of your homestay, reflecting on the day’s unique experiences and the majestic sights of Drass’s natural habitat.

All meals and overnight at the lodge

Day 11: Drass

Kickstart your day early with the opportunity to spot bears in the vicinity of the lodge, an exhilarating start to the morning. After this initial adventure, enjoy a hearty breakfast before setting off on a drive to explore the nearby areas of Mushkow, Goshan, and Pandrass. This valley is not just known for its bear population but also for hosting a variety of other wildlife, including marmots, ibex, foxes, wolves, and the elusive musk deer, offering a rich tapestry of biodiversity for nature enthusiasts.

For lunch, you have the option to dine outdoors amidst the breathtaking landscape or return to the lodge for a more comfortable setting. After lunch, take some time to rest and relax at the lodge, recharging for the evening’s activities.

The day concludes with another opportunity for brown bear sightings in the evening, providing a perfect end to a day filled with nature and wildlife exploration. This schedule offers a blend of adventure and relaxation, set against the backdrop of Drass’s stunning natural beauty.

All meals and overnight at the lodge

Day 12: Drass

Embark on an exhilarating wildlife adventure that starts with morning and evening sessions dedicated to tracking Brown Bears. After enjoying breakfast, set off on a drive to Labar, a journey that will take approximately two hours one way, where the focus shifts to scanning the surrounding areas for wolves and raptors. With a packed lunch in hand, immerse yourself in the wild, ensuring you’re well-fueled for a day of exploration. The day concludes with a return to the lodge by evening, where another opportunity to spot Brown Bears awaits, capping off a day filled with nature’s most magnificent creatures.

All meals and overnight at the lodge

Day 13: Drass

Kick off your day early in the morning by scanning the surroundings for bears, immersing yourself in the thrill of wildlife observation. After breakfast, embark on a scenic drive to Kargil, covering a distance of 60 kilometers. The journey continues with a visit to the Munshi Aziz Bhat Museum, a private collection dedicated to preserving the rich heritage of the Silk Route Trade in Kargil, offering a unique glimpse into the region’s historical trade routes ( Following this, explore the Hundurman Heritage Village, a 300-year-old settlement now in ruins, situated along the Line of Control between India and Pakistan, offering a poignant reminder of the area’s past. Enjoy lunch in Kargil, savoring local flavors before driving back to the lodge by evening, concluding a day filled with cultural discovery and historical exploration.

All meals and overnight at the lodge

Day 14: Drass to Srinagar (165 Kms. / 4 Hrs.)

Begin your day with an early morning session dedicated to bear tracking, immersing yourself in the natural beauty and wildlife of the area. Following breakfast, you’ll embark on a return journey to Srinagar, transitioning from the tranquility of the wilderness to the bustling energy of the city. This marks a serene conclusion to your adventure, bridging the calm of nature with the vibrant life of Srinagar.

Day 15: Srinagar to Delhi

Following a relaxed breakfast, you will be transferred to Srinagar to board your flight to Delhi. Upon arrival at the airport, our representative will meet you and facilitate your transfer to your hotel.

Overnight in Delhi hotel

Day 16: Delhi – Onward Journey

After a relaxed breakfast depending upon the flight schedule, you will be transferred to the airport for your onward journey.

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Bears of India Tour

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Bears of India Tour


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