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Tiger Photographic Safari Tour

15 Nights / 16 Days

Tiger Photographic Safari Tour : India has become increasingly synonymous with wildlife and with the sheer diversity at one’s disposal, keeping a bag full of extra batteries and memory cards for your camera is most certainly a definite requirement. This Tiger Photographic Safari in India will cover Corbett National ParkKanha National Park and Bandhavgarh National Park.

Corbett National Park is known for picturesque sights of Tigers and Elephants in the foothills of the Himalayas, while the Sal and Bamboo forests of Kanha and Bandhavgarh exhibits a tropical background for your orche kissed tiger.

With a medley of ecosystems, landscapes and animal diversity, nature’s creativity lies in every corner. So, be camera ready, for you will encounter the grandeur of the forest as you capture its essence through your lens.

Most trusted name in Indian Wildlife for the last 30 Years

Experience the best of Indian wildlife that includes the Royal Bengal Tigers, Asiatic Lions, Black Leopard, Indian Leopards, Snow Leopards, Red Panda, Asian Elephants, and a plethora of reptile and bird species, with experienced naturalists while you stay at the best-selected premium wildlife lodges and hotels.

Outline Itinerary

Tiger Photographic Safari Tour

❯ Day 01 : Arrive New Delhi (Flight).

❯ Day 02 : New Delhi – Corbett (by surface 275 kms/5 hrs drive)

❯ Day 03 – 05 : In Corbett National Park

❯ Day 06 : Corbett – New Delhi (by surface, 275 kms/5-6 hrs drive)

❯ Day 07 : New Delhi – Jabalpur – Bandhavgarh (flight + 200 kms/2 hrs drive)

❯ Day 08 – 10 : In Bandhavgarh National Park

❯ Day 11 : Bandhavgarh – Kanha (by surface, 280 kms/6 hrs drive)

❯ Day 12 – 14 : In Kanha National Park

❯ Day 15 : Kanha – Raipur – New Delhi (by road, 200 kms/4 hrs drive)

❯ Day 16 : New Delhi Fly back home

Trip Highlights

➤ Stay in the midst of the core area of Corbett National Park adjacent to the bank of the Ramganga river, on your Tiger Photographic Safari in India.

➤ Experience a plethora of Indian wildlife such as Asian Elephants, Sloth Bears, Wild Dogs and Yellow Throated Martens.

➤ Known for the high density of big cat population, these national parks in India offer a great chance to see tigers.

➤ Witness over 350 species of birds across the three national parks in India.

➤ Blessed with some of the most scenic landscapes, this Tiger Photographic Safari provides ample photographic opportunities of your beloved animals.

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Detailed Itinerary for Tiger Photographic Safari Tour

Day 01 : Arrive New Delhi (Flight)

On arrival at New Delhi airport, you will be received by our representative who will transfer you to your hotel and assist you with the check in procedure. He will also handover travel related documents and brief you on your upcoming Tiger Photographic Safari. Overnight stay is at the hotel.

Accommodation: Roseate House Aerocity or similar

Day 2 : New Delhi – Corbett (by surface, 275 kms/5 -6 hrs drive)

After breakfast, transfer to Corbett National Park (275 km, takes approximately 5-6 hour). Check in to the lodge and after lunch depart for afternoon jeep tiger photographic safari. Dinner, overnight stay at the lodge.

Situated at the southern edge of the Corbett Reserve Park, the Jhirna tourism zone offers some exclusive Tiger and Sloth Bear sighting along with the spectacular view of the landscape which is pretty rich in wildlife. The topography of the Jhirna zone primarily is a dry deciduous type and consists of a large Grassland (Chaur) known as the Laldhang Chaur. This big Chaur is the favorite place for the herbivores of the zone like deer, chitals, nilgai and elephants. Numerous water streams in this zone nourish the wildlife of this zone and adding the natural ambiance of the zone. Also, the zone is considered an excellent spot for bird watching.

Dhela is a new eco-tourism zone in Corbett National Park included in tiger reserve zone in November 2014.

Accommodation: Dhikala Forest Rest House

Day 3 : In Corbett National Park

Morning jeep tiger safari in Corbett national park. After lunch, drive to the Dhangadi gate. At the park entrance, switch to safari vehicle with your baggage. Be ready with your camera equipment as the next 32 km, 1.5-hour drive, is through the core area of the national park, where you have a good chance to encounter wildlife including Tigers, Leopards and Asian Elephants. On Arrival, Check into the forest lodge. Post Lunch, proceed for an afternoon tiger safari.

Living in the Forest Rest House is unique to Corbett National Park. It is only in Corbett that you get an opportunity to stay inside the national park. The complex is located on the banks of Ramganga river and overlooks the foothills of Himalayas. Alcohol and smoking is not permitted here. Return from the safari at sunset. Dinner and overnight at the Forest Rest House.

Return from the afternoon jeep safari. Dinner and overnight at Forest Rest House.

Accommodation: Dhikala Forest Rest House

Day 4 : In Corbett National Park

Morning and afternoon jeep wildlife safaris, meals and overnight at Dhikala Forest Lodge inside the national park.

Begin your morning tiger photographic safari at sunrise. Corbett has been aptly described as the land of the Roar, Trumpet and Song. It represents a scene of remarkable beauty. Corbett National Park had the proud distinction of being the chosen venue for the inauguration of Project Tiger in India. The rich biodiversity of the Reserve is partly attributed to the variety of habitats here. Due to the location of the Reserve in the foothills of the central Himalayas, both Himalayan and peninsular flora and fauna is found in the Reserve. Dinner and overnight at the Forest Rest House.

Accommodation: Dhikala Forest Rest House

Day 5 : In Corbett National Park

Morning and afternoon jeep wildlife safaris, meals and overnight at Forest Rest House inside the national park.

Accommodation: Jim’s Jungle Retreat or similar

Day 6 : Corbett – New Delhi (by surface, 275 kms/5-6 hrs drive)

Morning Jeep wildlife photograhic safari to Dhikala zone. After breakfast, checkout from the lodge and drive towards the exit gate of Corbett. Do not pack your camera equipment, as there’s an opportunity to witness wildlife on your way out.  After exiting the park, drive to New Delhi, which is approximately a 5-hour drive, 275kms. Overnight stay at the hotel in New Delhi.

Accommodation: Roseate House Aerocity or similar

Day 7 : New Delhi – Jabalpur – Bandhavgarh (flight + 200 kms/4 hrs drive)

After an early breakfast, transfer to the airport in the morning to board a flight at 0555 hrs which arrives in Jabalpur at 0755 hrs. Meet our representative at the airport and drive to Bandhavgarh National Park (200 kms / 4 hour). On arrival, check into the Lodge. As per latest rules laid by forest department the afternoon wildlife safari to the core zones of national park is closed but safari in buffer zones is permitted on Wednesday. Afternoon jeep tiger safari in the national park.  

Bandhavgarh: The national park is known for its high density of its tiger population. This is the place where the famous White Tigers of Rewa were discovered. Other wild attractions in the park include Leopards, Blue Bulls, Indian Gaur (Bison) Chausingha (Four Horned Antelopes), Spotted Deers, Sambar Deer, Wild Pig, Sloth Bears Fox, Jackals, Wild Dogs, etc. There are at least 22 mammal species and over 250 bird species in the Park. The reptile population in the park includes Cobras, Kraits, Vipers, Rat snakes, Pythons, Monitor Lizards and turtles while The two-primate species – the rhesus macaque and the Hanuman langur – inhabit the dense forests of Bandhavgarh. Overnight at the lodge.

Dinner and overnight stay at the lodge.

Accommodation: Taj Mahua Kothi or similar

Day 08 - 10 : In Bandhavgarh National Park

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at the lodge. Morning and afternoon jeep tiger safari in Bandhavgarh national park.

Bandhavgarh has been a center of human activity and settlement for over 2000 years. There are references of it the ancient books such as the Narad-Panch Ratra and the Shiva Purana.

The oldest sign of habitation in the park are the caves dug into the sandstone to the north of the fort. Several contain Brahmi inscriptions dating back to the 1st century BCE. Various dynasties have ruled the fort, for example, the Maghas from the 1st century CE. the Vakatakas from the 3rd century CE. From there on, Bandhavgarh was ruled by a succession of dynasties including the Chandela. After independence from the British, Bandhavgarh remained the private property of the Maharaja of Rewa until he gave it to the state for the formation of the National Park in 1968. After the park was create, poaching and hunting was brought under control and the numbers in wildlife rose dramatically. The Tigers in particular prospered and the 1986 extension provided much needed forest to accommodate them.

Overnight at stay the lodge.

Accommodation: Taj Mahua Kothi or similar

Day 11 : Bandhavgarh – Kanha (by surface, 280 kms/6 hrs drive)

Morning jeep tiger photographic safari to the national park and after early lunch, depart for Kanha National Park (280kms, 6-hour drive). On arrival check into the Lodge. Dinner and overnight at the Lodge.

Accommodation: Singinawa Jungle Lodge or similar

Day 12 : In Kanha National Park

Wake up at 0500hrs with tea/coffee and biscuits and proceed for the morning tiger photographic safari in Kanha National park.

Kanha’s sal and bamboo forests, rolling grasslands and meandering streams stretch over 940 sq km in dramatic natural splendor, which form the core of the reserve. Created in 1974 under Project Tiger, the park is the only habitat of the rare hardground Barasingha (Cervus Duvaceli Branderi).

This is the original Kipling country of which Rudyard wrote so vividly in his Jungle Book. Packed breakfast from the Lodge is served at a designated spot and spread on the bonnet of the Safari vehicle. Enjoy your breakfast in the wilderness of Kanha.

Continue your search for the elusive Tiger if you have not yet seen the same, and soak in the fresh energizing environment. Return from Safari around 1130hrs. Freshen up, while Lunch is prepared.

Post Lunch, depart for the afternoon jeep wildlife photographic safari in Kanha National Park. Return at 6pm from safari. Dinner and overnight at the Lodge.

Accommodation: Singinawa Jungle Lodge or similar

Day 13 - 14 : In Kanha National Park

Wake up, and get ready for another day of adventure in the National park. The forests of the Banjar valley and Halon valley, respectively forming Kanha’s western and eastern halves. By a special statute in 1955, Kanha National Park came into being. Since then, a string of stringent conservation programs have been launched for the overall protection of the park’s fauna and flora. Kanha boasts of about 38 species of mammals. Some of the inhabitants of this park are the gaur, the largest of the world’s bovine; the sambar, the largest Indian deer; and the chausingha, the only four-horned antelope in the world. Other frequent visitors include the Nilgai antelope, the sloth bear, dholes or the Indian wild dog, and an occasional Leopard. Some 300 species of birds inhabit the park, that includes storks, egrets, black ibis, raptors, owls, and nightjars.

Depart for afternoon jeep tiger safari Kanha National Park. Return at 6pm from the tiger safari. Dinner and overnight stay at the Lodge.

Accommodation: Singinawa Jungle Lodge or similar

Day 15 : Kanha – Raipur – New Delhi (flight + 220 kms/5-6 hrs drive)

Morning jeep wildlife & tiger safari in Kanha park. After lunch, drive to Raipur airport (200 kms /4hrs) drive to board a flight to New Delhi at 1940 hrs. Arrive New Delhi at 2135 hrs and transfer to the hotel. Overnight stay at the hotel.

Accommodation: Roseate House Aerocity or similar

Day 16 : Fly back home

After breakfast, transfer to the International airport to board a flight back home or towards any onward destination.

Tour Inclusions

Tour Exclusions

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Guest Testimonials

Our efforts have time and again been recognized by all our guests on TripAdvisor. With reviews that are 100% genuine, you can read them here or head on to our official TripAdvisor page to browse through in detail.

Tiger Safari with Sanjay Gupta and Nature Safari India.
We just finished the first half of two tiger safari tours in India. The first was on the Banhavgar National Park. Our guide was Sanjay Gupta, who had 25 years of experience in the park and with the tigers. He was wonderful, sharing his experience and knowledge throughout our three full days together. He was definitely a highlight of our trip, as a great guide makes for a great experience, whether you see tigers or not! And we did see tigers...
Stephen Murphy
Nov 2022
Excellent Experience with Nature Safari India.
Nature Safari India organized our private 2 Weeks Safari in Central India plus a couple of Sightseeing and we are very happy to having choose this agency. I found them on the responsible tiger tourism association (TOFTigers) and I liked them from the very first contact. From the first email more than two years ago to the end of our trip in April 2022, the service was great, the selection of the itinerary, Parks, lodges and guides was perfect...
Aug 2022
Excellent Experience with Nature Safari India.
Deepkul and the Tiger Safari India team put together an incredible experience for us in Kanha and Bandhavgarh. All the details were taken care of as per our preferences and budget including transportation, food, lodging, and our amazing safari guides. Deepkul was easy to communicate with and always quick to respond to any questions before and during our trip. Highly recommend!
Aug 2022

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Tiger Photographic Safari Tour

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Tiger Photographic Safari Tour

Kanha is home to the Royal Bengal Tiger, Indian Leopard, Sloth Bear, Gaurs, Hard Ground Swamp Deer or Barasingha, Wild Boar and a plethora of Birds.

The best time for tiger safaris in Kanha and Bandhavgarh is from March – May.

The approximate driving distance between the two parks is 200 kms and it takes approximately 04 hours on the road.

Yes, you will be accompanied by English speaking guides through all city/tiger safari tours/birding tours.


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